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铁血迷情长春黄页"What is the name of this gentleman?" Chen gong's voice sounded from behind lu lingqi.Sudden turns, from Addis suddenly begin to women with bolt shot Hugo ducale, but meantime lamp that kung fu tea, court, xianbei people may not know what happened in court, Addis must, before xianbei people react will then built xianbei people, on the way to have seen before in the city there are many xianbei people in wander, not centralized.Seems to feel the crisis of the generals, the baby eagle wings, three flap, sudden high body, JianCu rubbed its PAWS in the past, in the air across a parabola, seeing is about to fall down, but see little eagle fly forward, seized the tree with its claws, body in the air a spin, toward the dostie swooped down, now go in the fastest speed to that moment, toward dostie.

Cooperate with the brace, zhang liao constantly persuading was lost with the army, with left, also make the battlefield chaos, local resistance in the case of the leaderless, there is not a sufficient to suppress, to force convincing people to come forward, there is no meaning, a dogfight down, three thousand, zhang liao behead enemy prisoners but with the help of li kan, fully received more than thirteen thousand prisoners, no matter how Korea hence now hated li comparable to, but, after all, is one of the important general Korea hence under acquainted with many army generals, these connections are not can kill with a short time.Looking at liang xing, han sui silently picked up the dagger hidden in the sleeve and sighed.Ruthlessly curse the commander in chief of each other in the heart, dostie high lifted his right arm at the same time, the distance, is no longer fit to running line, han people trapped horse pit, for these are good at Ma Zhan huns, is a disaster, it greatly limit limits the Ma Zhan on this land, and made simple, anyone strong legs, can be produced.铁血迷情Chang 'an, school yard.

铁血迷情"Have you made any inquiries as to what it is?" Lu lingqi took a deep breath and asked."Xia zhaoyun, zi long, chang shan personage." "The man clenched his fist.In such a barren land, han sui sent hundreds of thousands of troops from front to back, which was undoubtedly a disaster for xiliang.

"Well!" Zhou cang wen promised, turned and stepped away.In the sound of hurried footsteps, the curtain of the box was rolled up, and a figure came in, looking at the young man and wringing his hands: "brother boda, why are you still here? Don't you know that the wanted posters of your two brothers have been posted all over chang 'an?"It is not that no one can see the purpose of lv bu, will be the monopoly of knowledge from the hands of noble and noble liberated, but see how can? Either keep your integrity or starve to death, or, after three months of cold war, more and more celebrities finally choose to compromise.铁血迷情





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