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孙燕姿埃及藏克It is not a clever plan, but it is a direct attack from the human mind, directed at the people, and therefore it is not easy to try."Master rest assured, will certainly open the gate at the end of the day!" Xiongkuo sea hey however a smile, licked the dry lips, a wave of his hand, with three hundred hussars toward the gate of the direction of touch."Here!"

Only two thousand defenders and Korea hence brought three thousand elite, simply can't stop those as if don't kill hetao soldiers, tu everyone, moon people, zero first, wolf qiang, Korea hence don't know when lyu3 bu4 hand has reached here, but at the moment, his heart has no superfluous ideas.Helplessness, panic, tragic atmosphere, spread in the jinlianchuan camp, defending jinlianchuan thirty thousand troops have been restrained by xu rong troops from the western regions, who would have thought, and a hetao military forces suddenly bypassed the yinfeng gorge, appeared in jinlianchuan, directly hit jinlianchuan camp.Qui-tou looked at Ule with some irritation, This was the first time that Ule spoke so loudly to him, and he did not doubt Ule's loyalty. Ule had been with him since more than a decade ago. In the King's Court, his position was only at the base of his steps, and he was somewhat ashamed. He nodded and said, "The defense of the west is up to you. Everything will be decided after Temuzhen returns."孙燕姿埃及...

孙燕姿埃及At didn't speak, just look a little dignified, obviously, the news is not a good news, Cao Caowen said a pick eyebrow: "What happened?"See lyu3 bu4 banned the army into the city, at the gate of a gang of soldiers finally relieved, so many people if into the city, even if lyu3 bu4 governance again strict, also inevitably conflict, lyu3 bu4 so, one to show to the people of jinyang with sincerity, two also absolutely possible conflict.Voice fell, a stare, now the last breath.

"Don 't try to cut off your tongue in that future!" Coss flushed, almost rushed up to cut people directly, the red-faced man really as disgusting as guan yu!"Do you know who is general?" Zhang he asked."Pop!" Body hit on the back of the moment, from behind the arrows also pierced the body of ko sin, ko sin startled stare big eyes, blankly looked ahead, under the impact of huge inertia, mercilessly poured toward the ground.孙燕姿埃及





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