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李多海承认恋情|f3本草唇净霜Zhang ren eyes a folded, then drew his hand, but see liu DHS behind, a group of generals suddenly happen to coincide knelt down, not only before the dozen be detained generals, knelt down, this time from PianJiang, a captain, down to the hou, syma, for over 60 people, the whole LangZhong nahshon generals, at least half kneeling here, not kneel, are mostly not standing"Yes." Meng da nodded."Don't talk nonsense, I was joking." Wei yan hurriedly said, although he wanted to fight, but important things because of this let pang tong die, he would rather accept the peace of shu.

Wei yan rolled his eyes, can see this thing so slip, you are not much worse than him."Brother rest assured, I will not be careless, only the front line war report, brother if free time, may write to me? Pang tong with lu lingqi, zhaoyun and other people on the same generation, lu zheng as the younger brother of lu lingqi, although the age difference is not a lot, but still get along with the ceremony of the same generation."General, go! Xing daorong heard the sound of singing gold, suddenly such as meng amnesty, then play, I'm afraid today I have to explain here.李多海承认恋情|A silver gun, ten thousand points of cold light, the place, jiangdong soldiers no match the enemy.

李多海承认恋情|"There is a plot against you, that is true, but he does not know what you would do if your master had cheated on your wife Pang tong angrily rolled his eyes."Cloud long nothing good, the city's situation, I have heard, can't blame you." < / p > < p > liu bei sighed, in addition to guan yu this one horse, the other soldiers who attacked the city wall were driven down, guan yu shangcheng is the earliest, but has been fighting until mingjin retreat, guan yu really tried."Night huang wei? Chen frowns, this is a never heard of the army.

"How can the general address his lordship by his surname Zhang ren looked at liu with an ugly complexion, and his voice sank"Dost thou... "Zhang ren looks ugly. These people are forcing him to rebel.As for fazheng, zhuge liang did not have much research, but the strategy of conquering shu was not like the means of pang tong, so it must have been written by him.李多海承认恋情|




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