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古今军事船都网丸美专业线< / p > < p > gao gan is not easy to gather a group of soldiers, but did not have time to stand firm, was scattered back to their own rushed back.Any place where there is oppression there is resistance, it is a timeless truth, lyu3 bu4 also know that the era of slavery is passed, the pyramid policy is confined to the west is cool, hetao, land of the western regions, and with the dying of xianbei people, the system will be gradually abolished, but can never be now, because of lyu3 bu4 now lack of a lot of labor to promote under the production and construction, the people will not press too hard, and even cash, the cost of spending is one big spending, and as people life level of ascension, is willing to sell cheap Labour for rice to people will be less and less, so the Labour, It's all on these barbarians.I think it seems to be a bit far, but prepare for a rainy day, even now lv bu is not able to attack shu, but can also use other methods to open up the situation in shu.

Unknown is always terrible, high obedience to the northeast, seibel it is to fight against j, j, if each other really captured not so fast, just in a few days, after their side cut hay, no need to fight, jingzhou forces will not be destroyed, seibel will appear here, that is to say, seibel sneak attack j plan failed, it let the kuai and CAI in glad at the same time, also pinched a cold sweat.Of course, this was just a superficial appearance. Both lv bu and cao cao were remedying their internal affairs and recuperating. The two sides reached a tacit agreement to stop fighting temporarily.Looking at the unsatisfied head of he yi, lv bu sneeringly said, "besides, in this world, if you don't kill me, you can hurt me. He yi and he man may not have much ability, but they have been following me since xuzhou and bearing the burden of hard work.古今军事船都网"Why do you laugh at filial piety?" Lu xun turned his head, puzzled to see gu shao.

古今军事船都网"Bury it somewhere, and remember to dispose of it cleanly." Zhang he was indifferent.Since cao cao had spoken, the generals, if they had any dissatisfaction, could not disobey. They immediately set out their accounts, gathered their troops and set off for ye cheng."No." Left ci shook his head, carefully looked at lv bu several eyes, TSK TSK strange way: "the champion hou can believe in the said?"

As a result, even though lu bu is not busy in daily life, his efficiency is always the highest. Of course, those things that are filtered out will be tested regularly. If there is any omission, the person handling it will be punished."Damn it! Pound several conflicts, but can not put the mobility of the cavalry to use, but under the constant oppression of han rong, gradually surrounded, not from roaring, but also of no help.'I only hope there are no more promises this time! Gao shun ignore zhaoyun embarrassed facial expression, twist a head to see pang tong way: "Mr. Pang how can come here." It seems that pang tong is similar to a prisoner at lu bu's side. How can lu bu trust pang tong to release, not afraid to run away?古今军事船都网




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