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谢润祯|阿尔法亚麻酸Later in the night, when zhang lu was sleeping soundly, he was awakened by his housekeeper.Chapter 11 solicitation failureChapter 27 the arrival of reinforcements

"Almost, push it out." Liu ye nodded and said to one of his attendants."If I am not healthy, what shall I do?""Who are you waiting for?" Menber frowned. There was no danger in these people. They were all pale and thin, looking like refugees.谢润祯|Chapter 41 determination

谢润祯|"A total of cao cao?" Lv bu frowns way."Deng exhibition? Lv bu narrowed his eyes."Boyan." Lyu3 bu4 meet, also not embarrassed, this age, this kind of matter although calculate not honor for the man, but also nobody can moral censure him because of this what, wave a hand way: "here is not zhao DE dian, need not much ceremony, live of can return habit?"

"Lao champion hou, the old can not worship." He seemed to have gained some strength, and was no longer weak in speech."Well!" Horse tie excitedly embrace fist promise 1, this be his first time alone lead an army.This kind of cognition brings about the collective silence of many families in central China. Compared with their personal interests, Chen GUI's death and even the previous horrible assassination have become insignificant. After all... Are the dead already? It is better for the living to survive better, especially for those who hold their lifeblood. It seems that they do not care much about them.谢润祯|




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