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粗麻小径在哪槽钢批发Seems to feel the crisis of the generals, the baby eagle wings, three flap, sudden high body, JianCu rubbed its PAWS in the past, in the air across a parabola, seeing is about to fall down, but see little eagle fly forward, seized the tree with its claws, body in the air a spin, toward the dostie swooped down, now go in the fastest speed to that moment, toward dostie.So, burn when Lao wang must die, only after the differentiation, then gradually swallowed, these burn block qiang disrupted, only load zheng xi general house interests.After shaking his head, li ru looked at zhang liao and said, "sometimes, we may not only use our own men. If our enemies can use them properly, they may be better than our own men."

Lv bu's eyes lit up slightly, he can look at horses, but phase eagle is a layman, can not see the way, but the eagle hair color is pure white, even a pair of claws are like white jade general, also with a bit of metal texture, the eyes show a wild object, see lv bu look over, is not afraid to stare over.After this war, the general situation of the west cool has been decided, han sui lost his troops, has not been able to turn over what waves, but to defend the city, han sui now left the troops, or enough."Aguri, didn't you say that han sui surrendered to the han in secret? Why are the han people helping us fight hansui now?" < / p > < p > a few burning qiang generals see ran han sui, and did not pursue, after all, zhang liao now do not know is the enemy or friend, rashly pursue, if zhang liao in turn to kill them can be bad.粗麻小径在哪In jia xu's plan, this is just the arrangement in the early stage, and then to destroy xiongnu and take qin hu. Even if everything goes well, the battle will be finished in the second half of the year, and then to deal with xianbei people.

粗麻小径在哪Hanmu er, the general of xiongnu, came with five thousand troops, which was the vanguard of xiongnu. Pound was quick to make up his mind. At the same time, he ordered four thousand soldiers and horses to leave the camp.System there is no very good solution, in line with the era of various ge crossbow drawings there was, need is fame, but the technical things price is too high, at lyu3 bu4 spent sixty thousand achievement and popularity to training camp guard after five thousand, there was no prestige to pay this charge, can only hope on these craftsmen."But what is the master's plan?" < / p > < p > liang xing did not know that he had been from the door of death before rao, wen yan excited to see the han sui.

Hired is also feel very wronged, in Addis there ate battle, was decreased by office of CAI is great anger, into the gate of xiangyang officer, come back today, only to see a line of people outside the furtive discuss something, now also didn't think much of forward HeWen, who knew that I had a bunch of confrontation, not only the means of biting, and style is unreasonable, shoulders the arrow wound is not good, play out, the results haven't how to begin the strong man was opposite a pull down from the horse, so was captured at the city gate, wen hired suddenly feel seems to be a bleak future.Perhaps god really can't bear to see the demise of the huns, perhaps the huns pious prayer moved god, in the fire will be swallowed up by the army of 50,000, the sky, the accumulation of a long time of rain, finally began to fall, the patter of rain more and more, the rain is more and more."Destroy the family, zhulian nine! As li ru looked at the crowd, his voice became bleak and cold. Burn block qiang assist han sui attack my han camp, is a felony!"粗麻小径在哪




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