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性感老妇|美大集成环保灶新品"Hey!" Seeing that wenpin was defeated and did not chase after her, lu lingqi threw the silver gun to a female soldier, took off her horn bow and saw that wenpin's back was an arrow.Since after lyu3 bu4 to changan, mountain thief's life was not as happy as he used to be, lyu3 bu4 to previously, although the guanzhong land has become a wasteland, but these brigands bandits heaven, at that time didn't eat out stroll, times are tough, always not everyone not to eat and to drink, three auxiliary, but be subject to the jurisdiction of the court before, even if family dazu county has been the scourge of dong zhuo, guo li, there are always some escape the existence of a bullet.Although tu shenze is not as beautiful as yueshi lake, and the terrain is not good enough to live on yueshi lake, but let every slaughterer on this piece of land has a foundation for survival, fertile large areas of land, it is also the spring of every slaughterer's life.

Lyu3 bu4 want to dozen a big world, he must have a stable rear area, so these people who hold important position in oneself under the hand, ability is on the one hand, loyalty must reach lyu3 bu4 trust of the degree."Husband, let rui son to serve you." Lyu3 bu4 get up of ring move, after all still wake up the liu yun in deep sleep, see lyu3 bu4 wear clothings, hurriedly toward outside call 1.From the morning was diao cicada woke up from the bed, lv bu feel like a puppet general, first a group of women around, lu bu dressed up "blooming", followed by is to run out worship, worship the world, lu bu really can't think of, this marriage worship heaven and earth is just, why go to worship?性感老妇|"This is... Jia xu looked doubtfully at the horseshoe nail up a u-shaped iron.

性感老妇|Zhou cang had no choice but to shake his head with a bitter smile."Will you keep pigeons if you train more hawks to carry messages?" Lv bu turned his head and looked at samba.Of grassroots officials, however, things come from selection of nanyang people, virtually, let lyu3 bu4 took a few minutes to enrage, anyway, this world is like this, if it is twenty years ago, the yellow turban insurrectionary mess of up, lyu3 bu4 it with curry is no different, but today, people have used the war, for these things to bear ability is also improved, at least not mess up.

Zhaoyun doubt saw pang tong one eye, some not quite clear this appearance some special man and lv lingqi is what relation after all, not quite like lv bu to send to assist the person, unluckily in weekdays quite a few crazy elegant demeanor."Kill!"...性感老妇|





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