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诺基亚7070拆机教程|法国库宝"The court to let us marten, for lyu3 bu4, what do you think?" Korea hence looked up and looked into the male way.Hande can 't compare with the top martial arts, But at the peak, even if not into the first-class can also reach the second-class level, not to mention general, but whether force or ability, enough to guard one side, but met zhaoyun, is the elderly zhaoyun, such as han de such a force down ten will be martial arts, is the same level will suffer, let alone the two sides are not more than a grade."What?" Lombardi face a change, hurriedly stood up, hurriedly let the crowd scattered, then hurried to the house with a healthy woman.

"Get up, after the general will give you a decent identity, understand? If there is any requirement, just say, as long as it is not too much, the general will agree to you." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the look of the recovery of the cool woman, wearing a loose robe stood up and appreciated the woman's moving posture."WenHou, months no see, WenHou is to bring too big a surprise to the old man." Hua tuo smiled at lyu3 bu4.诺基亚7070拆机教程|"Zhong yao?" Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, narrowed his eyes, suddenly sneer at 1, will hand bamboo paper rudely throw in front of chen qun, sneer at a way: "long this joke, but not funny, these property, make up for my soldiers loss is not enough, also want to redeem zhong yuanchang, cao cao thought I good deceive?"

诺基亚7070拆机教程|Just as he was about to break into the Moon's camp, How to humiliate these people, Horses from the camp of the moon people has been less than an arrow, santa ridiculously raised his right arm, ready to order archery cluster, at this time, the horse suddenly sank, santa heart flashed a touch of alert, hurriedly a palm on horseback, burly body unexpectedly quite light, flexible leaping from horseback, landed steadily.Trench slow population, to changan, at least a month, lyu3 bu4 and marotta left huai county on the fourth day, was sent back to changan by Chen gong messenger, please."Chasing after Han Sui! The man in the brocade robe is Han Sui!" D in the rear to see clearly, sharp drink 1, with the troops toward Korea hence chase this way, to burn when the king didn't pay attention to the slightest.

Lyu3 bu4 will look at marotta, although still indifferent, but with some sense of exploration, think of marotta life, suddenly flashed a line of poetry in the heart, said: "but make the world's poor man to cheer!""General son filial piety a little Ann don't irritable, now our enemy is hebei lombardi, now unable to expedition lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 when to pacify." Freeze shook his head.Chapter 34 borrow troops诺基亚7070拆机教程|




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