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陈彤对你说|左旋杯杯瘦咖啡"Planning is needed, in villages and towns, In addition to the corresponding managers, Choose some brave men to keep the peace, The men who led these valiant men had to be chosen differently, The number of persons should also be strictly limited according to the total population, and liaise with the military, These people, in the future can be directly used as county soldiers, county soldiers directly, This will not exclude the people, but also enhance the sense of security and belonging of the population, If something like Gong Du happens again, we can also deal with it. The relative framework must stand up and have rights, but we must also impose restrictions. However, the problem is not too big for the time being. They are all villagers, and their hands cannot be extended to other places. The most important thing is to strictly limit the fighting. ""Cheng Yi, tomorrow you take twenty thousand troops with me, Cheng Yin is responsible for guarding the city, I will inform burn when the old king together. Eventually, with his teeth decided, twenty thousand han army, he is confident that move burn when Lao wang with fifty thousand qiang, plus twenty thousand huns, the momentum, is enough.North county, Fuping.

"At the end of the day he will lead his life.""Ha ha, only the dead Cao Peng, but no surrendered Cao Peng." Laughter, the knife in the hand is more fierce."With all due respect, patriarch." Looking in the direction of Xiongkuohai's departure, a handsome man sighed and stood up. "You and General Zheng Xi are a family, but we are not. How can we guarantee that our people will not be bullied?"陈彤对你说|Three Qiang warriors rushed to the front and flew out and landed on the ground, utter a groan of pain, Around the qiang people have gradually become numb, From the beginning of lyu3 bu4 open provocation to now, Already have more than thirty white water twelve qiang recognized warriors came forward to challenge, from the beginning of a one, to later, two, three together, but don't say go ten, so far, there is not a person under lyu3 bu4 through a close, if not lyu3 bu4 didn't die, at the moment on the ground is not lying a group of strong men, but a pile of corpses.

陈彤对你说|"Wen hou? Lyu3 bu4?" Yang looked behind, Yang Xi is burning eyes at giffin, in front of the pile of prefixes automatically ignored by her, only to notice the last name, smell speech can't help but track: "But that is called the first general of the han dynasty lyu3 bu4?"ChengGongYing nodded: "master rest assured, general liang xing has bought a member of marten generals, general liang xing's forces, even at this time has breached the right gansu, d die, west cool will no longer constrain, then master can bully west cool, bully guanzhong, into the world, sit and see kanto governors battle, back can also protect themselves, ceded to the king."Lyu3 bu4 smell speech nodded, it will be recorded in the heart, as for how to operate, also have to measure on the battlefield, the present to the white water qiang all hao Shuai farewell, with military forces mighty YuanMen, and have been waiting in the north palace of white water, cioffi and eight thousand broken qiang converge, toward wu.

"My body single name wenji, table word zhao ji, but I don't know who wen hou said wenji?" CAI wenji puzzled look to lyu3 bu4, don't understand."Since d defeat back to the west cool, between the two sides will have dirty, candidate died, Korea hence want to ask back candidate department military forces, just d angry candidate at the time of negative combat, and also lost a lot of their own, refuse to deliver, plus d in qiang people, quite prestigious, candidate department also all sincerely attached, don't want to return to Korea hence.""Very well." Lyu3 bu4 nodded with satisfaction, looked at them and said: "Why, lost a game, so gray-headed depressed? Do you know why you will be defeated?"陈彤对你说|




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