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杨静shadow|矿山放炮打眼机"Well!"Because look like his eldest brother, and personality, sun yi also like sun ce, since childhood is to sun ce as an example, from a young bow horse skilled, although just now by huang zhong kick fly, but sun yi also feel that he is because of the enemy.Soon, hundreds of soldiers came up with big boxes, opened them, and without looking at them, threw the inside of the boxes under the wall.

, high conveniently in the elite aside, the conference semifinals military forces alone, have enough to eat a pot of cao cao, to do now, is not offensive, but defense, through the defense, strengthening unceasingly, the tigers shut off from plugging in tiger firmly shut, if stubbornly according to cao cao's plan to play three days again, even if will now keep tiger fastened shut off the conference semifinals military forces killed, cao cao will face the soldiers seibel after recharging, kill guanzhong elite, at that time, just waiting to be swept.Chapter 68 negative teaching materialsAfter all, no matter how you look at it, it was much easier for lu bu to fight the central plain than it was to fight the central plain. No matter it was cavalry or crossbows, as long as cao cao did not succeed in this battle, lu bu would soon send troops to attack the central plain.杨静shadow|"Shoot arrows! With a cold grunt, pound saw that the enemy was already within range, and immediately ordered the arrows to be fired at the ballista at a distance of nearly three hundred paces, forming a dense array of arrows towards the jingzhou army.

杨静shadow|"Fire!" Almost at the same time, guan yu and pound issued orders at the same time."Wrong again, not to help him, but to help you." Fa zheng said with a smile, "the troops in shu have not been attacked for a long time, the weapons have been stored in storage, and the soldiers in ma fang's army are just like the young boys and strong men in our army. Moreover, brother zi qiao, in a wantless word, even without you, there might be some trouble, but if our army were to enter shu, you would not be able to stop it. Moreover, brother zi qiao does not really think that no one in shu is willing to cooperate with our Lord except you?"Body was pockmarked with a spear pierced, but horses brought big inertia will shield the spear behind the hands flying, or some horses getting away with spears stabbed, severely impact on the shield, stronger shield to block the sharp spear gun, but the tremendous impact of the stop the momentum, even the strongest soldiers sword and shield, below this kind of the impact of the terrorist, still be flying, make neat formation appeared a commotion, two is to perfect the infantry phalanx, now have pressure from the left and right flanks.

This time, because there is no need to fear also lyu3 bu4 and shoving, cao cao directly accepted the main task, after all, cao cao and lu bu, now basically is the Nemesis, including liu bei, too, no matter who presided over cemented, is incompatible with lyu3 bu4, so at this point, two people not evade a self-effacing, cao cao out, directly to preside over to worship.Inside and xiangyang, under the external environment, will inevitably form division, CAI kuai, after all, two this represents the interests of the two group, CAI home finished, but kuai home but didn't do anything widespread indignation and discontent, xiangyang is already give a, to catch their fly, don't say kuai, even attached same Yu Cai domestic interest groups will be shaken."And you, commander?" Will look to zhou yu.杨静shadow|




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