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阳澄湖出现大水蛇曲美减肥药Chapter 31 interceptionBamboo paper records not much, but it is enough to shock two people, jiangdong overlord sun ce, a few days ago, the tour was Xu Gong's doorman assassinated, die!"Stop it!" A big hand clutched the arrow cluster, lyu3 bu4 appeared in front of hande, looking at the escape of the huns, sneer at a way: "send an army symbolic chase after a chase, remember, don't kill people."

During this time, the situation in the west cool changes too fast, originally according to lyu3 bu4 and others plan, thought it would be a battle, after all, the strength of the two sides is not much different, calculated, marten has advantages in force, but marten mysterious death, all of a sudden could have been stalemate for a long time battle yan into a one-sided pursuit."What?" Xiong broad sea puzzled look to lyu3 bu4.阳澄湖出现大水蛇"Lyu3 bu4 but a martial arts, humble are not base species, also want me to be loyal to him?" Replied Miuchamp, without even thinking of it.

阳澄湖出现大水蛇"Hmm?" Korea hence smell speech puzzled, twist a head to look, but see into GongYing frightened look to the distance, hurriedly follow his eyes, but see heaven and earth meet, a black line is becoming thick, gradually appear a cavalry outline, a horse word flag waving in the wind."Li-kan, after the break, the others will follow me!" Korea hence helpless, he didn't want to retreat, but looked at more and more near zhang liao, but can't help but retreat, continue to stay here, perhaps directly by zhang liao in the armed forces, achievement of a piece of good news belongs to zhang liao, the command li can break."Lyu3 bu4?" D suddenly feel all over trembling, It's not fear, but excitement, From the first time I heard the name of lyu3 bu4, he imagined that one day, to be on the battlefield with this man who claims to be the strongest in the world, To a battle between men, win the title of the world's first, although die without regret, at the sight of lyu3 bu4 for a moment, d feel his whole body blood boiling, he and the man he admired world war I, with the weapons in his hand to express his reverence, this is d bone recognized practice, is also the habit of qiang people.

They say that the Yuan family IV three male, students all over the world, but sorted disciples are no less than the Yuan family.Hande blushed and shot his chest violently. "The Lord takes a break to look down on people," he said. "I haven't seen a more beautiful woman since I was about to have a baby at the end of my life."Lyu3 bu4 nodded, leisurely sighed: "Those soldiers who died of the war down, after going back, I will gather their families to support, can't let these soldiers died of starvation for us orphans!" Five thousand men on the march, to now, has lost more than half, the battle, also should be over.阳澄湖出现大水蛇




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