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程维高与江总|平糖王3块3"Close the door! Ranging from soldiers found forces around jingzhou react to rush city, holds a wave of the sea, two soldiers quickly will close the gate, a title of generals in ancient times camp six or seven frame wooden beast could reaction, in the gate a title of generals in ancient times around the camp warriors have malicious wai, a short body, hands Tibet directly on the wooden armour underneath the pairs of people cut back in the past, in a flash, the shrill scream, countless soldiers fell, lost her legs of jingzhou whining noise.Although the xiangyang war, liu bei basically did not pay too much, but those things that can not be cleared on the book, liu bei this time lost a lot.This time, because there is no need to fear also lyu3 bu4 and shoving, cao cao directly accepted the main task, after all, cao cao and lu bu, now basically is the Nemesis, including liu bei, too, no matter who presided over cemented, is incompatible with lyu3 bu4, so at this point, two people not evade a self-effacing, cao cao out, directly to preside over to worship.

"Xun has seen the emperor's uncle." Liu xun did not wait for cao cao to introduce the first step to liu bei a salute."Consigliere, the battle of jiangdong... "Brush hesitated to zhuge liang, as confidant of zhuge liang, he knew that zhuge liang has been reluctant to part of shu, zhou yu's rise to the bait, such as is because zhuge liang is very clear, once their and zhang fei leave, zhou yu would be plotting to jingzhou, only by Chen, guarding jiangxia or can be, but to the whole jingzhou entrusted to him, Chen to prop up, this point, to Chen is a qualified soldier, can retain any command execution of liu bei, acquire the but lack of power and prestige.Huang zhong's eyes flashed with admiration, but his sword was not slow.程维高与江总|Only the news of lv bu's capture of hanzhong could make zhuge liang have to put an end to the chaos in jingzhou before the whole integration.

程维高与江总|"Well!" The great sea rode down the city wall in excitement.Only the news of lv bu's capture of hanzhong could make zhuge liang have to put an end to the chaos in jingzhou before the whole integration."As far as I know." Jia xu thought for a while and said, "since liu yan's death, liu zhang has been trying to attract people from all over the country by means of huairou, but not only failed, but also made the family momentum sheng, I'm afraid liu zhang heart, there are similar ideas, but now liu zhang wants to promote the field, afraid is also difficult.

"Kill!" Five hundred elite soldiers were killed from civilian houses, while shooting arrows, and quickly pursued the separated jingzhou army.CAI's death, liu table of a shoulder, also let the CAI home has room for everything, also the new master list liu bei, although weakened, but still occupies a place, CAI home in jingzhou and those before attachment Yu Cai domestic small and medium-sized family, also do not have to dread, and in the liu bei, took the tsai although some hard, just on the reasonable but is more valid's sense of honor, at the same time, men have two batch of vaguely opposing family, don't worry about being raised, everyone is happy."It is three ye, consigliere seeks me." Ford smiled with a slight salute.程维高与江总|




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