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至尊宝v530财经道理财产品The moment of landing, a mouthful of blood finally failed to resist spray out, looked up at lyu3 bu4, eyes no timidity, only a strong heat.On the city wall, Chen Xing excitedly looked at Gao Shundao: "General Gao is really unpredictable, will admire at the end of the war, after the first world war, d army morale in a short time even can't be restored.""Let us take a look at the map." Marotta nodded, no longer polite, let a palm of the west cool map, pointing to hanyang to: "han sui now, should still be in ji county, this war with Korea is defeated, but still far from the ground, plus last night to escape the west cool army, and burn block qiang military forces, han sui now, usable soldiers, still have hundreds of people!"

Just in the blink of an eye, four commanders were cut down, lyu3 bu4 ferocious means to let follow the four huns military commanders some hair, lyu3 bu4 solved a, the other three people have seen already cold, see lyu3 bu4 eyes sweep, frightened, which also dare to fight again, dial the horse and go.Yong Guan armed forces west cool warrior, before this, faint west cool the first general, now, but d in jincheng, in front of the soldiers of the armed forces in jincheng, the cruelty of life, d a pair of scarlet eyes stare at the moment, ferocious smell, even with the barrier of the wall, still let jincheng defenders tremble in the heart."Yes." RiLe promised 1, is about to leave, suddenly hurried to a person outside the door.至尊宝v530Giffin will leave the north palace to lyu3 bu4 saidIt was getting dark, As one of that 12 part of Baishui qiang, Highest seniority is also the most powerful one, Yang Wangs tribe nature is the site of the sacrifice, a witch has been singing prayers on the altar built, countless qiang people devoutly toward the altar crawling down, hundreds of torches and dozens of fires, the lights of the whole tribe.

至尊宝v530The death of companions, not to be feared, but inspired the cavalry chest anger, more madly urged the horses, toward each other dense formation rushed past."Zuo Xianwang?" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1: "Only barbarians, also dare to proclaim himself king, soldiers, tonight we will be in ZuoXian king's tribe to repair, kill all their men, their women, property are yours!"Cheng Gongying eyes a bright smile way: "So, not only our thirty thousand han army can all pull out to concentrate on d, and with the deployment of cheng yin military forces, burn when Lao wang will also do a lot of, eighty thousand people stormed d, is plus lyu3 bu4, also enough to destroy it!"

"The general can't!" Zhang hurriedly dissuaded: "The camp has fallen, if the general out of the city at this time, xinfeng emptiness, if the enemy had planned, I'm afraid the general left, xinfeng county emptiness, if the thief soldiers had premeditated, I'm afraid xinfeng county will fall.""Well, it's been arranged." Cao Cao nodded and rubbed his temples. "At the beginning, we should have waited for some time, so that we could deploy it calmly, but we should not slacken off," he said. "What about the supervision of hay and grain?""Your excellency, cross the river quickly, and we'll block the thieves!" Army hou pull zhong yao way, although the river is not deep, but if the whole army ran past, I'm afraid the opposite enemy will not be so leisurely, they will rushed up in the first time, will kill jun in the river, that way, I'm afraid even zhong yao can't cross the river.至尊宝v530




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