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焚烧古树携种者|机器人手拉车"Go ahead! Guan yu saw two people stand up, ordered the way.Chapter 21 the conflict between dragon and phoenixZhang lu to teach the people, to govern the autocratic situation in hanzhong, has been a good result, little unrest, but with the influx of these qiang people, the influx of qiang people do not believe that the wugou rice to teach that set, plus the rejection of the qiang people, make this period of time zhang lu was all these things.

"Does your husband let it go?" Sable cicada some funny look at father and son two way.Yu ji frowned. "if I'm not healthy, what will I do?"Late at night, yecheng quietly opened the door, three thousand yecheng elite quietly appear in the outside, like the ghost to three outside touch to the walls of the place of the arrow, across the darkness, Zhao De standing on the wall, although the dark can't see anything, but still kept staring at, this battle, relationship spent the jizhou attribution, the future of yecheng, ain't he's not careful.焚烧古树携种者|Noon time chang 'an is absolutely the most busy time, the day traders from all over the world will be at this time of choosing a affordable restaurant solve the problem of their own lunch, chang 'an cuisine is famous the world, not only can find the world most comprehensive recipes, there is even a special food from the western regions and beyond regions, all rivers run into sea, also contributed to his city rich rich diet culture, every noon, chang 'an, every main street is often crowded.

焚烧古树携种者|Chapter 30 aidNanzheng, as the county city of hanzhong, had been repaired several times, especially after hanzhong was divided from hanzhong. Today, nanzheng is no less than many prefeccapitals. The wall is nearly three feet high."I count three, if don't lay down the weapon, all kill it!" Small school eyes flash a ferocious look, suddenly raised his arm, harsh voice way: "one!"

"Liu ye? Zhang liao thought about this for a moment and smiled and said, "it is the kin of the han family."Son true, help me up." Zheng xuan's eyes brightened.After thinking for a while, liu ye looked at xia houyuan and said, "five years ago, I heard that jingxiang's horses were broken by lu bu's troops in luoyang with several giant crossbows.焚烧古树携种者|




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