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晶码战士第1部全集|百份百纯中药面膜粉"Then try me or not!" Step root sneer at raised his hand, behind ten thousand king court guard quickly bow and arrow.Wang yong stiffly holding a knife, teeth trembling, looking at lyu3 bu4, can't say a word, no doubt equal to default, a moment, around eight hundred county soldiers eyes changed, although still dare not move, but they are more than a wave of anger, not to lyu3 bu4, but to wang yong."Gentlemen, lombardi is defeated, but the force has not cut too much, now station troops YangWu, still into the pressure, such as the alternative?" Cao cao rubbed his eyebrows, looked at them.

Three hundred hussars followed behind lyu3 bu4, a pair of eyes, flashing bloodthirsty light, they have not tasted the taste of blood for a long time, at the moment of the hussars camp, like a head hidden in the dark greedy wolf, showing bloodthirsty fangs to the prey."Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo""Damn..." TaBaJi powder looked at lyu3 bu4 from afar, eyes flashed a touch of fear, just a look, plus a word not salty not light, let the whole army.晶码战士第1部全集|From zhang he sent someone to notify lyu3 bu4 koubian news, until now also only after ten days, ten days, plus along the way consumption of time, zhang he thirty thousand troops unexpectedly failed to stop lyu3 bu4 for five days, was lyu3 bu4 breached the wild goose gate.

晶码战士第1部全集|"This..." A group of xianbei generals really didn't think of this thing, at this time by lyu3 bu4 mentioned, the talent faintly found some troops.The same scene, from time to time will appear in the battlefield, a title of generals in ancient times to the fierce courage of the siege of Yuan Jun covered with a layer of psychological shadow, narrow space, fighting has gradually become fierce at the moment.It was said that, The conference semifinals outside the fortress were but barbarians, Unarmed, not to be feared, Such remarks, sometimes imprecise or discriminatory, Nomadic people may not be as rich as the Central Plains culture in terms of cultural diversity and details, nor have they formed a complete system of highly generalized doctrines to teach their descendants after hundreds or even thousands of years of inheritance, such as Sun Tzu's Art of War and Wu Tzu's Art of War, which were left behind by their ancestors in the Han Dynasty.

"Oh?" D eyes a bright: "martial arts outstanding, then I will go to meet him for a while!"Some are ashamed, but wait for a lot of is proud, sweet smile way: "Sure enough, temuzhen adult is much better than step to root that don't understand the style of the reckless man."However, most of the time, there are many factors that determine the outcome of the war. The beggars had already fought a battle yesterday. Although the victory was very smooth, it consumed physical strength and horsepower.晶码战士第1部全集|




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