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双色球一休彩票网1xcp|西夏红银屑胶囊"Yes!" The knight took a breath and let himself breathe less violently. "We found signs of Temuzhen near the Kifu tribe, but …" he said."What 's Liu Bei' s move?" Solved the military affairs, cao cao is in the mood to tube liu bei at the moment, he has a feeling in the heart, after lyu3 bu4, this liu bei in the future, I'm afraid will also become a hidden danger."It's not certain yet, but it's not going to be inferior." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head regretfully: "Who is the mole, not to mention this for the time being, the most important thing is to save the king's court at this moment, I'm afraid Kirby can already think we bypass the shady mountain, ready to attack the five big tribes, with troops to deploy, we just use Kirby can mole, around from the mountains, direct attacks on the five big tribal allied forces, let them unprepared."

"Reinforcements! How come reinforcements haven't come yet!" A few xiongnu head tie with the last of the troops held the camp, looking at more and more begging voltages gathered around here, sent out a voice of despair and despair.Five big tribes plus dependent on the small and medium-sized tribes under the five big tribes, add up military forces I'm afraid to reach more than ten thousand people, don't say step root is just like TaBaJi powder, even lyu3 bu4, without knowing it, in addition to the annihilation, there is no other possibility, even have to put themselves in.双色球一休彩票网1xcp|"Since there is no hay, I will rest here for a night, tomorrow will rate the army to leave, bother big people for me to arrange some meals." Lyu3 bu4 looked at gu, sink a track.

双色球一休彩票网1xcp|"Since Meng Jin is in our hands, Lyu3 bu4 to send troops, I should have my doubts, Since the son filial piety soldiers are few, Then don't argue with that Wei Yanqiang right now, Drop some horses on him first, As long as meng jin in our hands, lyu3 bu4 man, then dare not too much publicity, really worrying is that lyu3 bu4 now station troops in luoyang, bing, governance has been a piece of land, more potential than dong zhuo in the past, the beginning of the defeat and not die, the northern tripod potential has become, a "to tripod the northern hegemony, with added twists and turns, even to consume a long time!" Xu togeher drunken leaning against the country."Tell me about it. You didn't just ask me to talk to you, did you?" Grab a piece of clothing, threw in the past, lyu3 bu4 so condescending looking at the woman in front of him, the noble, graceful appearance by himself in the most brutal and primitive way, like looking at a weak lamb.But the victory of guandu war, lyu3 bu4 prairie victory news, make lombardi, cao cao, lyu3 bu4 before the existence of a weak balance was broken, was originally cao and lombardi together against lombardi, but with the defeat of lombardi, cao cao momentum, this short-lived alliance is automatically lifted.

Xu togeher glazed on the spot, Incredible look to lombardi, These words, in this day and age, Almost has been in say xu togeher sellers honor, For a famous man, It can be said that every sentence is over the heart, Xu togeher is a famous man after all, How can you stand such an insult, A pull out his sword across his neck, pitifully looked at lombardi: "ha ha, waste my life xu togeher to help you achieve great things, but ended up like this, harsh words, lack of vertical and plot, today, with a cavity of my blood to wash away the innocence, please put my head on YuanMen, pour to see how you were defeated by cao cao!""Khan, general, there is no time, again late, the whole tribe is over! If Lord Temuzhen knows, he will go mad!" The huns warrior heard that the other side did not immediately send troops, face can not help but a change, a holding step degree of root legs, pleaded.双色球一休彩票网1xcp|





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