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fun88选89168澳门官方|紧妇康价格"Whew ~"Chapter one hundred low-level confrontation"Well, come with me and see." Lyu3 zheng nodded, with guan yong came outside the camp, accompanied by two of chengfang qin wei, smoothly took over the army.

"Isn't that better?" Lyu3 bu4 smiled, even if the three in one, now lyu3 bu4 are not afraid, let alone fight."I tell you this, Not to show off how good I am, I mean, I can beat you today, For though I am young, But seeing, experiencing more than twice as much as you do, Take today, for example, any general who has some common sense will not be like you, stability, this thing, it is impossible to stability, this is common sense, you don't know, but strategically speaking, you do well, the Chengdu family, is a good help, although I have seen through in advance, but at least you can win Chengdu."Hmm?" Wei yan after all is also a veteran of the battlefield, zhang fei that horrible opportunity to kill nature was also felt, looked up, saw zhang fei roared rushed over, a tight heart, but at the moment, can't tolerate him to retreat.fun88选89168澳门官方|Four guardsmen crashed into the secretariat office with a clump of thick logs in their arms.

fun88选89168澳门官方|Sun quan looked at zhang zhao, eyes flashed complex look, from lv meng against jiangxia, sun quan has moved to destroy liu bei, then with cao cao alliance, against lyu3 bu4's mind, and this time, if lyu3 bu4 intervene, regardless of victory or defeat, but jiangdong, I'm afraid will be lyu3 bu4 seize the opportunity to penetrate, sun's position in jiangdong, will be shaken by lyu3 bu4.Glancing at the soldiers gathered behind him, Lu Su took a deep breath and looked at them with a smile. "Guan Yun-chang," he said, "is no more than that.""Poof ~"

"What? Come on, gather the horses!" Xie Yun a surprised, hurriedly ordered people to assemble military forces, when the wall is narrow, how can five thousand troops suddenly gathered together, have not yet wait for military orders to convey, Wang Shuangyi surprised with five hundred soldiers on the wall."General, this..." A few lieutenants on the wall to see the real, this small-scale collision met shooting sound camp so elite, narrow area instead to provide convenience to each other, so on, the trench instead became the other side's cover, ChengTou archers are also difficult to hide in the trench of these guanzhong elite."Yes!"fun88选89168澳门官方|




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