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白石茉莉奈|钟方盛Seibel soldiers, but are just experienced a fierce fight elite foot soldiers, with seibel commanded, a strong pressure with the slow and firm pace, quickly spread, pressure to zhong yao."Zuo Xianwang?" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1: "Only barbarians, also dare to proclaim himself king, soldiers, tonight we will be in ZuoXian king's tribe to repair, kill all their men, their women, property are yours!"If it is a normal day, I'm afraid lombardi will not agree to lyu3 bu4, A zhong yao, also don't let lombardi pay so much, but now is different, yuan cao war is coming, lombardi may have the strength to play lyu3 bu4, but cao cao never this distraction, if yuan cao war, lyu3 bu4 suddenly from the guanzhong, cao cao is absolutely deadly blow to cao cao, otherwise cao cao will not fail after zhong yao, choose to placate lyu3 bu4.

That in his eyes, only the man of courage, at the moment under the stimulus of hatred, like nine you evil spirit, the longer the time, the greater the fear in the heart, not only him, look around when Lao Wang crazy face, Korea hence know, burn when Lao Wang mood at the moment is not better than himself."No chicken, no dog!"The horn sounded again, two people at the same time looked across, after a short period of trimming, Korea then launched an offensive against the camp again, Pound took a deep breath, picked up the sword beside him sink a track: "The fierce battle danger, strategist and back, to a broken enemy!"白石茉莉奈|Lyu3 bu4 is now lacking, not that kind of talent, but in the middle and even grass-roots management talent, lyu3 bu4 is slowly out of the idea of the imperial examination, but it takes a long time to accumulate and precipitate, in the short term, lyu3 bu4 still can't really break away from the bondage of the times, independent of the times.

白石茉莉奈|"Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 surprised to marotta: "don't tell me, cao cao really sent me hay."Santa waving mace, excited to look at the nearer and nearer the barracks, according to the stake, can't stop the huns warrior impact, ridiculous moon people, you will pay for your ignorance!"Too far away, qin hu has been to the shangdang area, and with lombardi quite close. Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, qin hu is not a separate tribe, although excluded for qin hu by the han people, but in fact, ancestors are all han people, and han governors, have inextricably linked relations, in the hetao generation of conference semifinals, has a special position, although not as strong as the south huns, but even the south huns, generally will not be at will to provoke qin hu.

"Uncle, who is he?"Standing on the peak, looking at the mountain has surrounded by jun, guan yu sighed, a pair of red phoenix eyes with lonely and light bitter, who could have thought of a good situation, unexpectedly after cao cao declared war on liu bei, then went straight down, those who had taken refuge in liu bei's family, defected overnight.This...白石茉莉奈|




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