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健康一身轻主持人瓯海农村合作银行This news, not only cao cao, the whole world as lv bu led five guanzhong elite troops into luoyang and fell into turmoil, in guanzhong dormant for five years, lv bu finally to show the world his fangs? Even before the governors under the local families strongly asked their own monarch to send troops to calm lv bu, but when lv bu really appeared in luoyang, still make the world family feel panic.Foaming at the mouth of the light, already can't see clearly within Cai Fu, CAI sullen look at the CAI family house in the tradition of generations, so consumed by the fire, his eyes flashed a wipe in LengLi, perhaps the less kuai know, in order to avoid being angry army of liu2 bei4 strangulation directly, the main Cai Fu yesterday dependents and property have been secret Cai Fu is carried out, the Cai Fu, in fact is an empty shell."Separate? The queen?" Cao cao wen yan one zheng, turned his head to see liu xie a glance, looked at fu over, shook his head and said: "a good move to divert the tiger from the mountain, the country zhang good calculation!"

While implying that liu bei had agreed to cao cao's alliance, the war in jingzhou must be concluded as soon as possible to invade the middle of shu.Heard of the qiang people are in the arms, near tianshui of the qiang people, because they don't accept lyu3 bu4 naturalization, turned in qinling, put in hanzhong, britons to be the people with wide, to the qiang people, is willing to accept, but a lot of the qiang people leaders asked britons divided into a place for their accomplishment, this let britons is very difficult, after all, plain in hanzhong city is such a big place, hanzhong itself is crowded, where the extra land to the qiang people, can only let the qiang people and efficiencies mixed, only in this way, to avoid conflict with each other, hanzhong with religious state, since is a religious state, The purpose is to guide rather than to return to the law as guanzhong, and therefore, during this period of time, all parts of hanzhong were busy mediating qiang han disputes."Don't you know long war? I don't think you've ever worked with javan or that old fox. Otherwise, you wouldn't call me a snake." Pang tong looked at wei yan with pity and shook his head.健康一身轻主持人Cao cao stared fixedly at fu over for a long time before sneering and saying, "did the master of the state say less than one person? In the north, lu bu is in charge of the jackal; in the south, sun's family is in charge of jiangdong; in the middle of the court, there is me, a big and treacherous official."

健康一身轻主持人In cao cao's terrorist assassination attempt, and finally in the seamless cooperation with government and family for the first time, after three months of cleaning is suppressed completely, three months of brewing and fermentation, however, even if cao cao would stop, also inevitably spread to jiangdong, JingXiang and shu, the influence of the terrorist assassination is not eliminated.Zhaoyun glanced at eyeing around jun, shook his head: "feng had men and them not to leave, and I have a love heart, Lord of heaven and earth have a good living, if the general would not drop, and then take strange sword without eyes, the general measure, cloud will give general a wick sweet time to consider, a wick sweet, if any, cloud, waiting for you after a wick sweet, our forces will attack again, at that time, don't blame our biting!""It's pretty good. Some people, even if they know, would rather live with their mistakes than fix them." Lyu3 bu4 smile way, true nobody see among them malpractice? Not necessarily, but no one changed, even some people add some fire to the fire, in contrast, zheng xuan although stubborn, but a scholar's demeanor, right is right, wrong is wrong, not mixed with too much personal feelings in it.

< / p > < p > Yang ren only felt the whole back is going to split, a dizzy head, want to fight back, the other side has taken out a knife from the waist, cross in his throat, followed by Yang ren came around 500 soldiers surprised, hurriedly forward, surrounded all the people, but Yang ren in the other hand, dare not forward.Lv bu's body is in the weird circumstance below weird twist, perfect to the body control force lets him avoid this deadly sword when be in a bound hair while, still can push nighthawk conveniently.Melodious piano sound like a spring like silent flowing in this small accord, let Chen qun back to god, but after seeing the curtain, has more than a woman in the fuqin, curtain, two clever and clever maid to help Chen qun pour tea.健康一身轻主持人




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