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迅达电梯价格"Help me! < / p > < p > narrow space, long gun can not save force, guo yuan hurriedly took out a sword, crazy chopping around the shield, at the same time to the surrounding soldiers roar, but see, is to make him desperate scene.While he was worrying himself, another man stood out at the bottom of his hand and said, "general, your subordinates may help you find the secret way.""Good, general gan will come with me to meet Mr. Huang zu. If we can't kill him, we must find another way to cross the river." < / p > < p > lu lingqi smile, the plan failed, they must meet Yang fu as soon as possible, to discuss countermeasures.

"The general wants to emulate the first emperor?" Xu shu raised his head and looked at lu bu, surprised."You...... "CAI MAO glare at wang wei, wang wei just indifferent and his eyes, the slightest not let, CAI MAO helpless, can only leave, ordered the blockade from xiangyang to nanyang every checkpoint road, at the same time sent a large number of people follow the traces left by several people to chase.To begin with, also can maintain some formation, but as the tentative d rounds, behind the formation of mess up gradually, many soldiers have forgot what formation, casting its feet rush out in the snow, the mood quickly spread to the front, CAI also unable to stop the slump, unless he has ability to kill d, just... Is that possible?"Lord xie." Chen gong took a look at xu shu. He was a man of great elegance and a man of great courage. At least in terms of his appearance, xu shu was able to throw away ten or more streets.

"Just feeling my Chinese culture, how extensive and profound, but descendants unfilial ah!" Lu sighed, "these things, if they continue to develop, will not necessarily be lost to western science and technology. However, after thousands of years of inheritance, each generation should be better than the other. However, they gradually become superstitions."Lord trust, cloud fixed mission!" Zhaoyun hold still want to speak of lv lingqi, to lv bu slightly a arch of hand, solemnly way.Lu kuang's first reaction was that lu bu had come to kill him, but then he thought and felt that the troops, he is a single horse, and lu bu is a large army march, how can be more than their first step to arrive.

Chapter thirty-three the breach"Stop being insolent to the usurper!" < / p > < p > more xi smell speech rage, but he could not beat lv bu admit, but to say lv bu ten he can kill him, is to kill do not believe.While speaking, the trident square halter in the hand is to kill and recruit all out, rao is the magnificent sea conceited brave, after a battle with xu chu, and then on the level of the good hand is gradually forced into the leeward.As a general, one does not want to have such a good soldier under one's command. Unfortunately, there are not many such arms in the world.




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