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伊吉安扎莉二点激鼾停At this time, the horseshoe sound, both jia xu and zhang took a team of people in the diplomatic camp after the war horse toward the side."Yo ~" lv bu shoulder, has a foot and a half of the baby eagle called a, with the mouth not light not heavy peck peck lv bu shoulder."You...... "Juyan king gaped at lv lingqi, see the other side eyes sweep, a butt sitting on the chair, along while unable to speak.

Not command, but private request, zhang he of ford are respected, and the request, is also from the perspective of the tetrarch, lombardi today's strategic focus, cao cao, as long as won cao cao, available all over the world, this time, no need to rock the boat to provoke lyu3 bu4, if really provoked to lu bu, call goes, lombardi will have to face the dilemma of the two fronts, not necessarily really sorry, but before deployment, would be upset, if let cao cao take turn, that for lombardi, but became a disaster.As long as lv bu is still in, they believe lv bu can take them invincible!< / p > < p > last month, tian feng sent him a private letter, the Lord and cao cao are about to go to war, northwest lv bu, can not provoke, then do not provoke.伊吉安扎莉"Why are the three here?" Lv bu put down cut horse sword, look at three people doubt way.

伊吉安扎莉"Wen and elder brother don't want sarcasm bottom." With a wry smile, fa yan said, "legalism was already in decline in the pre-qin period. What I have learned is only a family tradition.Many huns want to turn around and kill back, but more huns at the moment is thinking of running away, the situation has been out of control, chaos of the qiang people blocked the way, many huns crazy beheaded the front of the qiang people, want to rush out of a way, also have been killed the anger of the qiang people rose up against."What is it?" Jia xu looked at zhang already way.

"Lord, the qiang had a conflict with the business recently, and killed several people. Zhang shen said: "the duke intends to make the qiang people naturalized, but the qiang people are tough, very difficult to discipline.""This...... "Juyan king slightly a zheng, did not expect this group of women actually so strong, was about to reply, side of the ugotan is laughing.If not see each other behind four spirited women like guards standing here, although women to feel some far-fetched, but can such a swagger, or such an ugly ghost, I'm afraid some of the background, to know his city can be a few family now dare so loud, mountain what is the relationship between the general adult?伊吉安扎莉




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