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桂晶晶jenny|金匮糖方"Be!" Li Shuxiang a cursed after the chests are accumulated for a month finally dissipates a lot, but some uneasy, he opens the mouth to scold master, but get answer after lyu3 bu4, face the look of surprise and said "yes", then ran to the side without saying a word, one hundred pushups difficult for ordinary people, but after a month the devil training, together with all kinds of meat, herbal tonic and lyu3 bu4 secretly help strengthen once fitness, the women of the one hundred and eight women had been real, tyrannosaurus, one hundred pushups, something."Lord, why don't we build some stockade?" The magnificent sea looked at the other side of the even military officers and soldiers, in the heart, turned to lv bu road."And the western regions... "Lv bu looked at Chen gong and said," I would like to enclose the western region of thirty-six states into a state.

Even for the prosperous and prosperous jingzhou, the 80,000 troops are enough to defeat the vitality. More importantly, these troops are not only the jingzhou army, but also the foundation of the CAI family's military in jingzhou. They are almost the most elite troops in jingzhou.The magnificent sea see the other side urge, in the heart that doubt naturally increase, ride horse outside the gate hovering, see toward the other side way: "I and cao ren general also calculate to have several face of reason, can call cao ren general out answer?" He was reckless, but from a green background he was not bad at babbling."Dead!" Lyu3 bu4 suddenly loudly drink, speed all open, square day draw halberd take up a dazzling cold awn, eight tiger leopard ride a soldier to have no the strength of resistance to be beheaded fall.桂晶晶jenny|"Long live the Lord! A group of female soldiers cheered and ran back to their barracks in groups of three or five. The first thing they had to do was to clean themselves up. The lv bu of this momently, become in their heart particularly tall rise.

桂晶晶jenny|"Lyu3 bu4! ? Did he come himself?" Yuan shang surprised looked at zhang he, these two words, but have special magic power in the north, this moment, yuan shang suddenly matchless miss yuan shao, only really oneself personally picked the girder, he just can more clearly feel, in the past for his father covered up how many wind and rain, assumed how much pressure."Wise general! The master's eyes lit up and he smiled.The closer, the more can realize lv bu hides in that day after the first wu will contain amazing ability, such an opponent, put in any era, be enough to go up peerless fierce and strong male, pang tong suddenly, give birth to a not confident feeling, if let this man continue to live on, what should be the family again? Look only have been lv buzhi submissive yong liang hao know, if the future let this person gain power, is absolutely the disaster of old and noble families, and he was lv bu arranged in his side, what is the meaning?

Zhaoyun looked at lu lingqi and gently shook his head: "although the duke of xuande is not as heroic as his father-in-law, he is also broad-minded. Would he make it difficult for his wife, a woman?"Lv lingqi wants to speak, but was zhaoyun a pull, but see zhaoyun to gao shun slightly bow way: "thank you general teachings, cloud remember.Zhang he silent, observe the dignity, does not allow him to lie, he did, this will deny, he can't do that, looked up at Sui yuan into a way: "the master is dead, now again to dispute these is useless, we, as officials, should not be asked by our master housekeeping, spent now jizhou west 虓 tiger tiger, south cao, the heart of the earlier have spent annexation jizhou, master new bereavement, while I wait for the 勠 concentric force, give priority to keep inheritance, why diocletian augustus?"桂晶晶jenny|




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