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墨纸音译歌词|早餐第一步"That's all for today. Free time." Lv bu waved and let a group of female soldiers move freely. He strode out of the camp, only to see jia xu waiting at a distance under the escort of the magnificent sea."Oh?" "What happened?" asked lidian, puzzled."Well!" < / p > < p > pro wei promised a sound, hurriedly down the city flying horse clearance, to luoyang emergency.

"Why does the general say that?" Lu fang is one of the four hussars who are still alive today, and also one of the six dutong under the command of the four hussars in the broad sea. He has a skillful bow horse and a brave fighting skill. At the moment, as the deputy general of guan hai, he is helping guan hai to take care of this army and horse."Yuan shang retreated into the bohai sea and was actively preparing for war. Yuan tan was originally stationed in liyang, but was defeated by cao cao. Jiang embarrassing way.墨纸音译歌词|"Lv bu hid an ambush here, but yuan tan thought that the ambush had retreated after ambushing the vanguard, and did not thoroughly investigate." Guo jia point point map, shake head way: "one will be incompetent, exhausted three army!"

墨纸音译歌词|Liu bei stared at sima lang's dead body, and closed his eyes silently. Two lines of clear tears fell from the canthus. His heart was broken for sima lang, and even for himself. But his life but step by step rough?"I will immediately attack zhang yan zouzhai, no matter what method you use, give me the zu live, remember, I want to live. "Said lv bu."Well!" Several female soldiers of the night owl camp intervene in a ceremony and disappear in an instant. After lv bu's death, jiang orz suddenly shivers. These women are always in a daze.< / p > < p > in a moment, the hotel was lit up the fire, CAI MAO sent to secretly monitor the people surprised, hurriedly sent to report, at this time, zhaoyun and lv lingqi with the hussar riding guard Yang fu rushed out of the hotel, quickly ran to the gate.

At night, li shi, lv bu camp lights.Looking at zhang he's determined expression, lv bu nodded silently, without any further advice, but slowly raised his hand in the skySince these family giants secretly lyu3 bu4 difficult for him, then don't blame lyu3 bu4 dirt on them, as long as the way to open, lyu3 bu4 can also take this opportunity to gain a foothold, step by step from the hearts and minds, establish a government's credibility, and weaken the family influence on hearts, will people skip family, in their own hands, as long as the set up, the next step, you can begin to accept family, lyu3 bu4 credibility established at that time, even a family can only be lyu3 bu4 circles.墨纸音译歌词|





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