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狼烟遍地大结局|玉石温热理疗仪价格"Monseigneur, it is one of us!" A begging volley fighter recognized the bearer, a change of face, hurriedly came forward to help each other down from the horse.This lombardi was xu togeher that scold, annoyed, where can hear xin comment voice is to make xu togeher to the rear, cut off xu togeher surrender to cao cao."Tall?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the document, this is Chen Gong personally written.

Xu togeher twist a head to look at, but see a family dressed up people riding a fast horse galloping toward this way.Some are ashamed, but wait for a lot of is proud, sweet smile way: "Sure enough, temuzhen adult is much better than step to root that don't understand the style of the reckless man.""It's all right." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, roared, people have become a lot of refreshing, smiling at a face of confusion XiongKuoHai and Zhou Cang: "Before someone said to me, unhappy, just roar, the mood will be much cheerful, indeed very effective."狼烟遍地大结局|"Really?" Xiongkuo sea scratched his head: "master, why don't we go hunting, distracted."

狼烟遍地大结局|Cao Caowen nodded, ordered people to do more attention, now, he also didn't have too much energy to spend too much energy for a liu bei, even if it is hidden trouble, that is also in the future, now the biggest trouble, or lombardi.After midnight, can clearly feel those patrolling soldiers began to become scattered, the number is gradually decreasing, at the same time, the joint camp torches, also a lot less."This..." A group of xianbei generals really didn't think of this thing, at this time by lyu3 bu4 mentioned, the talent faintly found some troops.

"Just now the army has no food to send, continue to carry on, I'm afraid in three days, our army will mutiny!" Cao cao a face of helpless wry smile."Step to the root, to assemble the troops, if these beggars dare to mess around, then let them stay here forever!" Kui head stuffy hum 1, ten thousand people, has been able to raid the king's court, you know the king's court of kui head although claimed to be the lord of xianbei, but actually has an army of more than fifty thousand people, but also distributed in the tribes around the king's court, the king's court standing army, also only ten thousand people.West of Wang Ting, Yin Feng Gorge.狼烟遍地大结局|





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