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54saobao青青秀身茶怎么样Hesitating for a moment, looking at lv bu's look, han DE said quietly, "Lord, we have prepared for three days here."Some generals, a han man came over and said he wanted to see Lao wang." A qiang soldier trotted over and said to several generals."After I return from the hetao expedition." Lyu3 bu4 wanted to think, to the day of hetao has been decided, the final palace and others don't agree with Chen lu bu with only three hundred people, sorts, and got out of the one thousand people of the trench, and lu bu three hundred guard, this also is now able to take out the limit, compared to last year, with a bang at the tens of thousands of large-scale battles, but will also forage lyu3 bu4 brought from nanyang and west cool clean grain consumption of each city in lyu3 bu4 plan this year, in addition to the battle of hetao, basically no big movements.

Zhaoyun why can appear here, this matter also has to start from gongsun zan's fall, border bridge war, white horse righteousness from casualties, zhaoyun protect gongsun zan returned to you state, then yuan shao all the way to press into the border, you state scholar cross paths to meet each other, gongsun zan see the general situation is gone, a fire together with the whole family burn to death.Addis, lyu3 bu4 is don't worry, may be genetic relationship, when lu bu, Addis skill is not bad and strengthened once blanc are not rivals, after lyu3 bu4 have strengthened once for her, now if theory of single combat effectiveness, as good as top military commanders, but as it is now in trouble everywhere, time is long, hard chi son always easy to meet."Vuvuzela ~"54saobaoKorea fierce cold hum 1, hold the horses, blunt past again is a dead end, a famous archer looked around the roof, Korea's leading xuan spend big axe, shout a way: "I spent is jizhou Korea, lyu3 bu4 sex of wolves, undermined the people, I wait for the orders from the commander-in-chief, counter-insurgency, army has to outside, chang 'an day can be, dost thou not at this time, when?"

54saobao"Go to father." As if under what important decision, lu lingqi went straight to the door, behind her, dozens of female soldiers silently followed.Successive two JianCu shot on war horse, horse long HSS, fiercely as pulling-power arrow, through more than ten zhangs distance, and then a soft hooves, fall in the snow, the man hurriedly himself, avoid is pressed under the horse, bow and arrow at the same time, a feeling for three arrows, two arrows hit the enemy, the last arrow does not know what flew to the place."Master, these soldiers and horses must be cut off?" < / p > < p > taishoufu, lv bu with a number of generals to discuss the affiliation of the xiliang army, when learned that lv bu to disband the majority of the army, many generals have raised objections, now lv bu has a hundred thousand soldiers, looking at the world, is also a number of princes, why should cut off their arms, students delete a hundred thousand soldiers?

The first day of the next day, after shou sui, Addis went out, and brought her 56 soldiers and a bound of pang tong, she has its own ambitions, former, class as 36 ride a flat to the western regions, the merits of her like that maybe can't do that, but she has a new goal, lyu3 bu4 flash belong to women as she opened the door, may not be able to celebrities through the ages, but for we, perhaps like lu bu said, one day, will be lyu3 bu4 backing, is also lyu3 bu4's ace in the hole.The huns formed a dense array of horsemen, with the power to destroy everything as if on a stormy sea, rushing towards this side, but surprised to see 50 groups of fire rushed forward, one huns not by accident, but followed by the face has changed.Feeling the smooth feathers of the young eagle, lv bu looked at samba with satisfaction and said, "you did a good job. I will stay in the riding camp of hussars and be responsible for training the eagle. I am no longer a slave."54saobao




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