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t 953擦试剂|疯狂斗地主3代If unfortunately is separate which existed all the way to send it to the hands, the world will not for a while, and the news has been spread in xuchang, I'm afraid it won't be long before, the governors are more or less will have some news, at that time, the mind of the governors, I'm afraid will be different, lyu3 bu4 suddenly found that the separate still don't appear good, separate out, cao cao can not find people, said any way governors even lyu3 bu4 can separate came to her side, was appointed to the king."Still use you to say, father early said, will let guang er follow zheng di for a period of time." Lu linghen said.Cao cao stared fixedly at fu over for a long time before sneering and saying, "did the master of the state say less than one person? In the north, lu bu is in charge of the jackal; in the south, sun's family is in charge of jiangdong; in the middle of the court, there is me, a big and treacherous official."

"The last general!" Wei yue su rong dao."Ever caught alive?" "Lu bu asked.Although angry, both yu ban and the general of cao's army knew that zhaoyun and gan ning's weapons had blocked the front and rear gates of the camp and cut off the back road. Cao's army was basically sitting on a rat in a hole.t 953擦试剂|"What are diao chan and yun er doing recently? Even xiao zhen and Yang xi were taken away." Lv bu raised his head, puzzled.

t 953擦试剂|"Done! Pang tong shook his fist excitedly, and it was clear that someone on the tower had moved."Take off your armor, drop your weapons, go home, and remember your mission!" Pro - guard head look at a pro - guard, awestruck way."The Lord is at ease." Shook to shake a hand zhuge liang in the feather fan, lightly sigh a way: "soldiers on the policy, which cut, again under siege, light of this preparation by policy, mainly a firefight and remove the xiangyang, do not I stay, lyu3 bu4 marched in hanzhong, has too many things free day in master peace receiving xiangyang, but, under siege is the most wise man did not take, now xiangyang was isolated, CAI the offence of insurrection, have already lost the heart, in the city and all the people are eager to kernel Jesus comes, map, master rende throughout the world and all the peoples desires, this time without storm, will try to give priority to all the people in the city and open the gate."

"Exactly." Xia houyuan said with a bitter smile: "the other side is not only a severe bolt arrow, there is a large bolt arrow, the range is very far, the original want to use the thunder car to deal with, how the thunder car can not be near, was the other side's bolt shot into a pile of rotten wood.Changan academy after several expansion, has moved into the chang-an, distance, is a small town too much, inside Confucianism, method, soldiers, and ink, industrial, commercial and agricultural experts have their own a yard as each school of academy, fame may be less YingChuan than universal, deer door two well-known academy, but the number of students is too much, this is the only one, and don't ask, don't just ask qualified college, as long as can pass county, county and township of investigation, can enter the college select their favorite college reading."Defeat them, you are the first god of war!" Lv zheng a chest, proudly way.t 953擦试剂|





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