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徐永钦很牛叉2左旋杯杯When lu lingqi came to the camp, lu bu was trying out a new rhubarb crossbow in the camp. The research on the supposed serial crossbow did not go so well, but the craftsmen made a platoon crossbow that could release two or three crossbows at one time."The xianbei." Zhaoyun a double tiger eyes scan the palace nearby look covetously xianbei people, eyes flash a touch of cold awn."You need not, rest a little longer, later eat together." Liu yun stretched out his hand to want to go down her dress on the bed again, in the tender with a somewhat arbitrary inside, liu yun cunning in bed, looking at lyu3 bu4 leave, all corners of the mouth up a bit like a new wife for her husband love of that kind of smile, although as a political bargaining chip was sent, but the husband, don't like the rumored.

A coolness rises in pharynx place, Wolf qiang king feels mouth very dry, vain of the direction toward ma chao caught two, finally feebly slide down the horse."Those han Chinese won't let us go." The other qiang shook their heads: "even if we find general agouri, he has been captured alive by the han army, it is impossible to run out?""Feng had visited the qiang people in his early years, deeply understanding the qiang people's nature, at least bill and other people who only know what they are talking about!" Tian feng cold hummed a way.徐永钦很牛叉2Liu bao in the pro - wei surrounded by, embarrassed to fight out of the battle, looking at the gradual collapse of the huns army, pain closed their eyes, lost!

徐永钦很牛叉2Tu shenze, looking at the other party sent to the team, is clearly sent to test the death, lv bu coldly smiled, waved: "bow retreat enemy! Guns and knives!"Jia xu stroked his beard and said: "the dispatch of troops, related to the safety of the Lord, elected a person to assist the Lord."As for guard function, 300 guard sounds not much, but three times ignore the qualification limit of opportunity, if the xiongkuahai is regarded as the enhancement object, as long as not bad luck, there is a 90% chance to train a top military officer with at least one attribute to break through the five-star peak.

"Oh." Some disappointed, wenpin's martial arts is good, but compared with pang tong, wenpin value is not very high, so did not refuse, directly let people with a face of numbness pang tong left."Oh?" Lv bu surprised to see jia xu: "can get the text and such evaluation, qin hu, there are such figures?"This has not yet come out from the belly of the child, has affected the hearts of countless people, lu bu no empress, in this era is always a big thing, after all, lu bu is now a vassal, if no empress, lay down again big jiangshan, who will inherit in the future?徐永钦很牛叉2




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