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男子毒驾撞隔离桩|财经道金融产品cjdao"Six of our troops were killed in the battle, and a dozen were slightly wounded, not seriously." Zhou Cang excitedly said: "But we captured 516 west cool army, there are five thousand horses in the city, the granary is full of hay, it seems that, at least there are thousands of stones.""Whew! Whew!""What shall we do then?" Homer frowned.

"Oh ~" Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, slightly sneer at 1: "d brave, candidate no plan, think will not come up with such a plan, is changan there?"Although don't know why lyu3 bu4 don't stay in the shepherd slope and Korea hence decisive battle, but with men ran to compete with the huns, but the appearance of lyu3 bu4, or let liu leopard gave birth to a vigilance in the heart, especially in the following days, there is no trace of lyu3 bu4, fold let liu leopard more have a bad feeling."What happened?" Liang Xing eyes sink, there is a bad feeling, hurriedly dismount, a scouts harsh voice.男子毒驾撞隔离桩|Although the gate of Huaixian County has been closed, But after more than half a month of harassment, The city is not many defenders are almost dead, Families haughty family home gardener although the number of people, but for the experienced lyu3 bu4 army, and no, the difference is not too big, a line of people massed, under the command of lyu3 bu4, cavalry still cruising outside the city, Chen xing, he man brought infantry quickly will break the gate, mighty toward the city.

男子毒驾撞隔离桩|Lyu3 bu4 on horseback, slowly raised the hand of the party day painting ji, contemptuously pointing to all the huns, although not speaking, but the disdain for the eyes and actions, thoroughly aroused the huns bone fierce, almost at the same time, eight huns general roared with their weapons to lyu3 bu4.If it was later, Even if I knew this man, Probably also because he has a talented daughter CAI wenji, but if born in this era, sorted than CAI wenji big ten thousand times, east han dynasty Confucianism, teacher of right, that year is dong zhuoquan leaning toward the government and opposition, sorted CAI is ritual respect, dare not have the slightest snub, then yun wang came to power, forced to kill sorted CAI, I don't know how many celebrities.Council chamber, lyu3 bu4 knelt down in the original belong to miu shang position, casually looking over the table placed on bamboo paper, soon, chen xing with a team of people, escorting a group of people in.

"What are you doing?" County commandant as if to find the outlet to vent his anger, stare at the garrison way.Chapter seventeen rainy night hijacking camp"Three days?" Lyu3 bu4 thought about it: "Three days on three days, with Zi Ming, Wen Yuan help, d will not be defeated so soon, tomorrow's marriage, you go to arrange, so that the heart of Yang Wangzhi."男子毒驾撞隔离桩|




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