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朴载相|蒂斯美Theory "in the same way, sages, there are some seems right at the time, but in the decades or even hundreds of years later, but not necessarily all right, time in time, knowledge should also keep pace with The Times, just like my big fellow law, compared to chow, will naturally have many different, this point you can accept, why learning, doing things, you must copy the former experience?" Lyu3 bu4 say with smile: "the big fellow founding in four hundred, failed to thoroughly solve the problem of domestication, has shown Wang Hua doesn't really do it completely on this by four reduced obey, not to say that it is not good, just in the wrong place, idea, customs, differences between Hu Han is too big, you want to let people accept your point of view, sometimes with some tough, as when qin shihuang unified words, car with rail, identical text book, by now, there are a few people remember the other six words?""Lord trust, cloud fixed mission!" Zhaoyun hold still want to speak of lv lingqi, to lv bu slightly a arch of hand, solemnly way."Well!" Zhou cang hesitated for a moment, looking at lv bu way: "Lord, the field of the killing of the gas is very heavy, childe his body...... "

"What is it, my Lord? A bodyguard comes in, don't understand of see pang tong, good end of how suddenly lost his temper."Lord." The mighty sea came to lyu3 bu4's side, archway: "zhang he is over there."朴载相|Chapter 73 the veteran of hebei

朴载相|"Hush rhythm ~""Ignore him, encamp nanyang, liu biao can do this at most." Cao cao smiled and said, "waving flags and Shouting for support may be possible, but to let him send troops to help, liu jingsheng has the heart but not the strength.""Yes, yes, yes." Zhang fei hurriedly bowed his head to admit his mistake, as the wrong child.

All around the cao army is more flustered to flee around.If he had remained in charge of the department of justice, these resentments would have rested on his head, and when they had accumulated to a certain extent, his death would not be far off.The young general was not afraid of the tiger. He did not avoid guan yu when he saw him kill him.朴载相|




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