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李念是谁|if1508"I can 't wait." Wei Yanchang body, laughed aloud: "zhong yao side if you know the news of the army's defeat, I'm afraid it will soon withdraw, if such as seibel general, afraid has delayed fighters, at this time, is the time to break the enemy.""White water qiang the most beautiful woman, should not be too bad. Lyu3 bu4 also laughed, in fact, as long as it is not too obstructive, who is not important.Chapter 16 Gambling

Mournful screaming call to half abruptly, soon, zhou cang came in with a head, to lyu3 bu4 way: "master, kill.""Go!" A dozen reins, lyu3 bu4 with the army toward the direction of the moon lake."Master rest assured." Giffin twisted his beard and said with a smile, "My subordinates have already inquired into the character of Beigong Li, only a brave man, but there is a man around him who can make his layout. He will certainly come to force the palace tonight, and my subordinates have arranged it properly."李念是谁|"Hmm?" Korea hence smell speech puzzled, twist a head to look, but see into GongYing frightened look to the distance, hurriedly follow his eyes, but see heaven and earth meet, a black line is becoming thick, gradually appear a cavalry outline, a horse word flag waving in the wind.

李念是谁|Moon Lake is more than 300 miles east, Is chicken deer village, is now north handsome station troops, although the north handsome west into liangzhou, took away a large number of warriors, but as their lair, north handsome nature can't be undefended, chicken deer village alone, is stationed in tens of thousands of huns, although not as good as the huns warriors elite, but enough to deter those small families around."Yuan Shao?" Marotta eyes flashed a sneer: "It is sent to send some hay trench, but also sent Hanoi general zhang he station troops on the party."

The next morning, in order to prevent the same situation yesterday, d ordered pound with a team to maoling, control maoling military forces, d personally command the battle."Master, this Confucianism to come, but is to bring a good news to master." Marotta and lyu3 bu4 points to sit down, look at lyu3 bu4 laughed.李念是谁|




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