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哦鹿呐自动注油器Zhuge Jin shook her head, sighed, and smiled bitterly. "Master forgave me for my sins, but I was incompetent and failed to persuade Liu Bei to withdraw."Zhuge Liang smell speech, nodding silently, The west into shu, Ben had a quick idea, After all, Liu Bei is no bigger than Lyu3 bu4, And occupied chengdu, there is enough hay support, jingzhou side first united cao cao against luoyang failed, and then burned a lot, and then zhuge liang western expedition shu, also almost jingzhou can mobilize hay with, although there is jiangzhou supplement, but now, also can't support such a large-scale battle."We can't go on fighting like this, or we'll have to run out of people before we can reach the wall of Nanyang City!" Ezra pound point a map, he station troops here for nearly half a month, mediocre, new town two county shortcuts, he is now difficult to walk, how much let him some disobeyed, although here is the main force, but shooting camp how to say is also one of the five elite lyu3 bu4, how can let a person to compare?

"Yes!" Account, also don't know who shouted, excitedly patted his thighs: "I have long seen this jiangdong thief son not pleasing to the eye, clearly is he zhou yu back destroyed the covenant, but will account for the account on our head, general guan this battle to relieve the spirit, so that the sun quan children know our army's fierce.""You..." Xie Yun heart a sink, looked at Wang Shuang's eyes gradually poor up: "general forgive me, this military order, please forgive me at the end of the difficult to obey, someone, take it down!""Arrows!" And did not immediately put the arrow, but after the other party into two hundred steps range, just began to order, before the war with yan yan, also have some understanding of the rattan shield, two hundred steps away, the arrow cluster is difficult to shoot through the rattan shield, but within two hundred steps, then wait to be mowed.哦鹿呐Just at the moment the sword has been out of sheath, no possibility of retraction, a master also quickly put away his mind, with their own family home, organized also have hundreds of people, mighty toward secretariat office rushed, at the same time ordered people to inform Xie Yun, muddy li things have changed, let two people keep the gate.

哦鹿呐Lyu3 bu4?Squinting in his chair, looking east, Guan Yu's eyes flashed a touch of the cold murderous opportunity, for Guan Ping 's death, The most uncomfortable nature is guan yu, although has killed lv meng, but in guan yu's view, this is far from enough, sun quan repeatedly provoked, liu bei can endure, but he guan yu can't, especially this time, unexpectedly cut his son, in guan yu's view, this is an immortal situation, only killed sun quan, can be buried for his beloved son."Men, meritorious service is today, with me to kill!" Tardif and zhou taihe soldiers, at the same time launched an attack on the city, before Xing Daorong arrangement of the line of defense was easily washed away.

On the city of nanyang, because of the reason of the trenches, it is difficult for nanyang city to send scouts to inspect the surrounding areas, plus pound's blockade, so that the city of nanyang is almost cut off from the outside world, only to see pound these days continue to dig trenches in the periphery, for a time puzzled.Mat Jiangcheng, Pang Tong and Wei Yan after the news of the withdrawal of troops, Zhang Fei some confusion, puzzled at Zhuge Liang way: "What do they mean?""Keep shooting!" Wei Yanshen track.哦鹿呐




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