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7tvb|宜品旗舰店After saying this, he directly shouldered the copper rod and walked to the zhaode hall. The man hesitantly took a look at lanzhan before walking straight to the zhaode hall.Two short arrows into his body, but did not as before general stab the key, nighthawk pulled out a short sword, backhand stab into the chest of shi a, however shi a sword but strange bypass nighthawk, straight stab lv bu throat.Staring at the chessboard a long time, lv bu shake his head a smile: "ha, text and, you more crafty than before!"

"What is this? Ranjan looked at lu bu with a sulk in his face.Yu ban the same complexion ugly, took a look in front of the zhaoyun, shen voice way: "zhao zilong is not a person can enemy!"7tvb|Chapter 24 the angry cao cao

7tvb|Chapter ten home and country"Come here! Zhang fei's face flashed a bad smile. While guan yu was talking, he suddenly made an effort and prepared to make a decisive decision.However, to his surprise, the veteran had some strength. Although he pulled him and moved his upper body to this side for a few minutes, he did not move at his feet. Zhang fei stared at him for a while.However, neither zhang fei nor huang zhong had any further ideas. After they set up camp, they began to train their soldiers. Although they were mixed troops, liu bei obviously had no intention of returning these soldiers and horses to their places.

"What a worry!" Lu bu shook his head and led diao chan away from the small groups of Confucian scholars who were at their most irrational."Good proposal, look for a few colleague to see again, hear return wild goose ge to come quite a few new people recently." Zhong you put down your scroll and laughed.Chapter 42 the monk7tvb|




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