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小浪货你夹真紧水又多|手机充值卡网店代理Seibel soldiers, but are just experienced a fierce fight elite foot soldiers, with seibel commanded, a strong pressure with the slow and firm pace, quickly spread, pressure to zhong yao.To kill, but also to kill hard, kill them cold, kill them to extinction, only to hurt these people, they will be as obedient as a dog!"Here!" Hande bowed down and began to arrange patrols and reconnaissance, while the rest looked for a place to rest.

"Hum!" D smell speech cold hum 1, he really has this plan, although father and Korea hence brother, but d don't see Korea hence, this is a pit teammates pit goods, side chapter, north GongBoYu is the best example.Build a hot air balloon or a kite or something, but it takes time and effort to do so, The risk is still very high, For the time being, The rest, lyu3 bu4 thought for a long time, Also still feel that perhaps stirring up internal contradictions is the best way, solid castle, always the easiest to break from the inside, in lyu3 bu4 view, white water qiang twelve, represents twelve different forces, according to the circumstances, stirring up contradictions, it is best to secretly accept one or two of them, so, to accept the whole white water qiang is easier."What's the matter? What's the sense of panic?" See Li Kan, Korea hence some gas don't play a place, no good gas cold hum a way.小浪货你夹真紧水又多|

小浪货你夹真紧水又多|"Fuck off!" D stuffy hum 1.Xu togeher picked up eyebrows, Slightly glanced at ford, bowed down and said: "master can send someone to placate lyu3 bu4, send some money, at the same time, in order to guard against lyu3 bu4, send a general station troops in the area of the upper party, if lyu3 bu4 wolf ambition, want to take advantage of the rebellion, then attack, if can be safe, after we calm down cao cao, the military forces can also as a pioneer!"Cao Caowen speech, helplessly nodded, the business tiger, maturing, he has a hunch, if he can defeat lombardi, the business tiger, will become his enemy in the future.

Just in the blink of an eye, four commanders were cut down, lyu3 bu4 ferocious means to let follow the four huns military commanders some hair, lyu3 bu4 solved a, the other three people have seen already cold, see lyu3 bu4 eyes sweep, frightened, which also dare to fight again, dial the horse and go.ChengGongYing thought: "lyu3 bu4 is strong, but after all, at the beginning, the foundation is not stable, although the man is valiant, but under the soldiers will be few, master can wait and see for a while, see what general andy means, if we join forces, it is quite useful, master may as well write to inquire about it."Jincheng and Marten rode to the gate with their relatives, but when they saw the gate wide open and no one guarded the gate, they frowned and said, "How can the covenant be so unprepared?"小浪货你夹真紧水又多|




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