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11月1韩国黑乐黑Gao shun nodded silently. After this battle, lu bu's forces, no matter how the scholars repelled them, had established a firm foothold in the world.Be shocked not only is cao cao, more numerous allied soldiers and men, the handsome flag down, the heart of the army, what's more, lv bu this arrow of the wei too terrible, for a time, even rear command archer MAO jie all some fear.

"Wen he, now I am more certain of my judgment." Standing in taihang mountain, lv bu can feel the change of yuan shaoyun more real, these a few days, yuan shaoyun is in violent run off all the time, other two gas yun are in however ceaseless expand, expand again: "yuan Ben chu, be afraid to hold out however this month.""Which bird man is worthy to meet my Lord?" While speaking, the hands of the familiar copper rod has been brandished to hit xu chu."Who said anything about attacking yuan shang?" Lv bu looked toward cao ying's direction and sneered, "yuan shang's son is not worth worrying about. Break cao cao first!"11月1There is struggling against the xi four people smell speech squealed in the heart, a lyu3 bu4 have played they don't have the strength to, today again to a martial arts are not under any one of four holds the sea, it also make a fart ah, let's go, anyway, the tetrarch has fled, three people with injured xu chu turned and ran, and also coincided with a group of allied forces in this direction, lyu3 bu4 way is blocked.

11月1Surrounded by dozens of orcas, yuan shangnei, dressed in soft armor, a robe and a military uniform, stormed toward yuan tan's mansion.Seemingly chaotic, but if the subdivision, is actually a cycle, like lu bu, cao cao the warlord, now has a nation, can together fate all over the world, but this is fate, to put it bluntly, is countless the fate of the people together, the people will commit to a life of their own countries, but there is a cycle, such as lu bu now though no peanuts, but in fact is the king of the country, and he enjoy worship, all the people support, by the peoples fate, in turn, all the people of feedback, like lu bu, now do promotion, brought prosperity, people's livelihood to the people, the better, from the people, the more you will get the fate of, The stronger the national luck, as long as lv bu has been in the spirit of such a virtuous circle go down, will be endless, the national luck increasingly strong.Lv bu spread out the map on the spot, looked at the direction of the mountains and rivers, and said, "on the contrary, it is taihang mountain side.

For the world, it is changeable, the battle of guandu unexpected result, the appearance of lyu3 bu4 for zhongyuan governors, and even family, are unexpected misfortune, also make the world turned out to be elusive, the biggest variable nature is lyu3 bu4, harmony cool barren, even lyu3 bu4 then lay the hetao, the western regions, and even the bing, for zhongyuan governors, these places together, may all and not spent on a jizhou rich, so even when lyu3 bu4 occupies a large area, in the eyes of zhongyuan leud and family, lyu3 bu4 is still just a rundown governors.There were slaves lying in disorder all around. Even now, the survivors still have a look of fear in their eyes, fear of death and love for life.11月1




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