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励志卡盟越野卡丁车车架"Tut ~" Wei Yan put away the bow and arrow, although he also bow and horse skillful, but after all is not lyu3 bu4 such a good shooter, if not for the fierce westerly wind, he is sure will be unprepared zhang both shot, now, the fierce north wind on his arrow cluster trajectory had a great impact, missed the shot zhang both a great opportunity."Han sui, not a son of a man!" Lyu3 bu4 slammed the bamboo slips into the ground, one by one, lyu3 bu4 gave a hard gasp, looked at the surprised people, sink a track: "xu rong to quote, hetao direction appeared a large number of huns, all the way, such as locusts transit, poison the people, a large number of displaced people rushed to jincheng, west gansu."Bamboo paper records not much, but it is enough to shock two people, jiangdong overlord sun ce, a few days ago, the tour was Xu Gong's doorman assassinated, die!

"The king rest assured, master speak, always a word." Faint glance at the king of the moon people, Han De coldly looked at the huns, the momentum of the destruction of heaven and earth, and can't let him move."Korea hence and I have killed my father's revenge, now white water qiang can't help me, but this hatred, must be reported, I want to lead the children in the family, and Korea hence fight to the death, if you can come back alive, this life, even as a slave, also willing to be sent." North palace from muffled track."Here!"励志卡盟"Kill!" Korea hence side, a group of QinWei quickly formed a formation, block in front of d, around Korea hence brought military forces also dauntless toward d led by the army to kill.

励志卡盟"The patriarch laughed." Giffin smiled and shook his head. "People always get old," he said."My Lord, He Yi He Man has brought one thousand people into the barracks, my general and don't know the meaning of adults, can only send at the end of the first will come to discuss with adults." Said Li Bao with a wry smile."Retreat!"

"I want to see lyu3 bu4! I want to see wei yan!" Zhang both feel he can't communicate with the two fools, can only expect to come to a reasonable person."Death!" Lyu3 bu4 a loud drink, a rein, red hare two hoofs fly, people stand up, in the charge against the physical common sense generally stopped, to avoid the four people, party day painting ji with red hare back down with the potential of ten thousand jun mercilessly toward the head of a xiongnu general, cold ji front tear air, with harsh screaming."Hum!" Liang Xingleng snorted, looking in the direction of d loudly way: "marching to war, how can such as that no man? D, if you want to revenge for your family, then to attack the camp, liang waiting here, if not this ability, or get back as soon as possible."励志卡盟




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