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利西亚眼镜|汕头电脑城"Why haven 't the beggars been notified yet?" Step root suddenly frown way."No harm." Daxi, with a wave of his hand, smiled and said, "I remember all the things Mr. Han Sui has done for me over the past year. I have never forgotten them. With your ability, you will govern the prairie for me when I ascend to the khan position in the future. Please rest assured, Mr. Han, when I unify the prairie, I will help you take off Lyu3 bu4's head!"Officer is not big, guts than xu togeher are fat, this time, unexpectedly put his hand to the army hay.

"Come with me to the king's court, and take all your horses." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, laughed.As for lyu3 bu4 itself, For all the stigma from the south, Is sneer at, three surname slaves by zhang fei that steer scold out, back for so many years, now this point, for lyu3 bu4, just drizzle, lyu3 bu4 at this time, has joined with giffin, began to discuss bing troops, didn't empty the mouth gun, anyway, he was in the central plains famous people there is not what to like.Wei yan a sharp drink, account pawn quickly out of the battle, quickly back to wei yan back to reopen the formation.利西亚眼镜|Dawn of the first beam of sunlight lit up the sky, light is dispersing the darkness, however, when the male broad kelp with people on both sides of the gate, ready to meet lyu3 bu4 into the city, but see with zhang he with the army retreat, those streets, according to stakes, face can not help but change.

利西亚眼镜|"Somebody!" Silence for a long time, lyu3 bu4 eyes gradually bright up, I'm afraid is cao cao reverse attack."Master, after Liu Bei returned to the army, he disappeared and was not found again and again." Jiang ji frown sink a track.Jizhou, yecheng.

Murong GUI and TaBaJi powder smell speech, glance at each other, glance at a touch of dignified."Roar ~"As he spoke, The men have drawn horses, The patriarch grabbed the rein, he would turn over and mount his horse, But see a huns knight toward this side, The man is very strong, only a strong bow in his hand, left and right bow, every arrow shot out, there is a He Gan warrior fell to the ground, someone saw he did not wear machetes, only a strong bow, came forward to kill, but see he will be in the hands of the longbow as a weapon, left and right a mess, will be close to the brains of the warrior hit burst.利西亚眼镜|




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