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入室强奷系列小说|瑞兔Do not despise this law, Not a law can be perfectly implemented, different places, different customs, people's ideas are different, just like the governance of the place, in addition to the law, but also scruple to human feelings, human relations here is not to say what contacts, but local conditions and customs, these things, always adapt to local conditions, but can not deviate too much.D more than ten thousand elite soldiers, this period of time by thieves from jincheng to west gansu, and from west gansu to hanyang, now from hanyang to stability, already suppressed a depression in the chest, at the moment, with embroidery this command, is completely detonated."Yes, separate the procession, seal off the four gates, and no one, no matter the people or the soldiers, is allowed in or out." Zhou Cang nodded, of course.

"Seibel? Zhang liao?" Korea hence looked at the letterhead in the hand, sneer at 1: "lyu3 bu4 can be said to be transferred under the military forces can be mobilized, he played is good calculation, unfortunately, this liangzhou, after all, is mine!""Khan know him?" Fold Ke surprised to see the performance of hutch springs, wondered."Xu pour feel, the matter must master kiss to not." Giffin smiled.入室强奷系列小说|...

入室强奷系列小说|Chen Hsing didn't explain much either. He said excitedly, "Send some clever soldiers, bring more drums and gongs, and listen to them tonight. In addition, you'll have a thousand horses, and you'll lead the troops yourself, ready to bypass the candidate camp and support Huaili at night.""So it's the King of the Northern Gun." D eyes a bright, hand shili way, north gun king's name, in the central plains may not have much reputation, but in the west cool, zhang embroidery's name is not small, although can't compare with the horse home, but the name of bravery, in more than a decade ago has broken out of a hall of fame."Leo?" Lyu3 bu4 dazed, then react to come over, overjoyed: "Please, no, I personally go to please!" Said the man has been the wind and fire towards the outside.

"Yes." Giffin nodded, now is the time to develop people's livelihood, whether moved to the people or the original guanzhong people, there is war-weary mood, if will burn to the guanzhong, lyu3 bu4 governance is extremely adverse."This..." Miao Shangwen speech, looking at Li You light expression, my heart can not help but tremble."A few generals, strategist please!" XiongKuoHai came over at this time, looked at pound, d, sink a track.入室强奷系列小说|





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