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埃章国际教育信息网|法国卡美琳官网"Commander, or the end is near." "The latter took zhou yu by the hand and hurried on.The ares crossbow has a range of 400 paces, but because it takes too much time to reload and is a single shot, it is not as good as a broken crossbow, so it is on the verge of becoming obsolete.< / p > < p > robe ze constantly fall, let the cavalry feel despair, but at this moment, the momentum has been completed, even if forced to stop is impossible, a cao jun knight in despair, eyes began to flash a crazy light, separated by a dozen steps, has been the cavalry will be in the hands of the long gun as a throwing gun to the enemy.

Hundreds of rockets that had already been prepared rose into the air and landed on top of dozens of crossbows before the enemy could react.Zhou yu could not describe how he felt when he saw the fading light in the city of yangcheng. How cautious should zhuge liang be? Even though he had seen through zhuge liang's stratagem, zhou yu could only sigh that he had met a wrong opponent. He could not help thinking that cao cao and lv bu had succeeded."Kill!"埃章国际教育信息网|"No." Huang zhong held his fist and retreated behind liu bei.

埃章国际教育信息网|"Why did general han come here? Gao shun nodded, looked at han DE confused behind the army, from close to find that han DE brought almost all the troops are hu people in the western regions.When these factors come together, zhang song's behavior is not hard to guess."Good fellow! Pound raised his sword and barked: "two wings, cover fire with crossbows!"

"Liu bei! In cao cao's account, the anger in his chest could not be repressed at last, so he clapped his hands on the table. Liu bei had thrown out such a wang Yin, which almost destroyed cao cao.Zhou yu looked at the prisoners and asked, "do you want to live?""Rest assured, liu zhang will come to you soon." Fashi smiled.埃章国际教育信息网|




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