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郑秀晶 林允儿|猫咕"When is the end of being chased like a rabbit?" Lv lingqi looked at a group of hussars and guards around him. Although there were only a dozen of them, there was no one else who could match them in terms of their fighting ability and equipment.Guan yu's face was cold and he did not speak, but he was standing in front of zhaoyun. Liu bei shook his head and said, "zi long, such a woman is not a good match. Wing DE, don't kill her.""General guan! Zhaoyun turn around and look at guan yu.

After the snow had cleared, liu bei left wan cheng with guan yu and zhang fei, looking toward the direction of wollonggang.Jia xu looked at lu bu with a smile and said, "my minister just reminded my Lord that if the zhangshui river burst its Banks, there would be a disaster."Guan hai was a little regretful. When heman came with his hussars and riding guards, he should have retreated in time.郑秀晶 林允儿|"Yes, I can teach you!" With a laugh, han rong pointed out the spear in his hand, and the two horses were riding side by side. In his hand, he pointed or picked the spear, which was the most basic weapon move. However, pound could not get close to him with all his efforts.

郑秀晶 林允儿|"Maybe." Yang fu smiled a little, no longer entwine this matter, turned to look at a group of jingxiang famous scholars, smiling gongshou said: "heard jingxiang place, brilliant, heroic, fu this is with the sincerity of my Lord and the public, also hope you can be public and private, do not want to imitate the common street hubbub fu."Cao cao, where to go!"Uncle zhi is a general under my command, not under the second and third brother." Liu bei drew Chen close to him and said with a smile, "when it comes to ping er, he is not as good as shu zhi, but he is also full of true stories. No matter how skillful and skillful he is, he can help him.

"Wing DE! Liu bei took a look at zhang fei, then looked deeply at CAI MAO and nodded, "I obey your command."The cold hurl easily penetrated the wooden shield. In the stunned eyes of the knife and shield holder, it disappeared into his head. The wooden shield could defend against the bow, but it could not defend against the heavy hurl."A little unstable." Lv bu shook his head and said, "the loose organization of these people cannot shake the rule of our army. Moreover, I also made it clear that if we want to become the han people, we must first learn the etiquette of the han family, wear the clothes of the han family and speak the official language of the han family. If we cannot even do this, why should we let the han people accept them? Who are you to call yourself a han?"郑秀晶 林允儿|




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