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巨犰狳|lv神奇烟盒Next, lyu3 bu4 and cao cao will inevitably conflict, in order to occupy the initiative with lyu3 bu4 against the enemy, cao cao ordered coss led five thousand horse step army starry night to luoyang, even if can't occupy luoyang, but at least will be locked in the hands of the tiger firmly, keep their own initiative in the face of lyu3 bu4."Zhang he, falling in grant." D left, lyu3 bu4 leaning on the back of the chair, narrowed his eyes: "Let me see, they are two people, exactly how much ability, command the armed forces, today trim a day, tomorrow morning, ready to siege!"And the social form of the Han Dynasty has evolved from the slave age to the feudal age, the emergence of houses, gates, various tools, survival is no longer the first factor, in the case of material life is no longer the top priority, the rulers will naturally pursue something on the basis of survival, such as prosperity.

The next morning, fifty thousand slave soldiers under the urging of generals at all levels, carrying siege equipment, began to attack toward mayi, lyu3 bu4 life pound, ma dai, liao hua, ma tie led the four troops supervised, fifty thousand slave soldiers under the pressure of the superintendent, launched a death charge toward the wall."A cornered beast will still fight!" Kirby can look a cold, do not flicker to meet step root."Zhang embroidery." Lyu3 bu4 finally looked at zhang embroidery way: "This time you will come to sit behind the town, help the waves to allocate hay, do not make a lack of!"巨犰狳|"Ha ha, sure enough, but Ziyuan, not to hide, the army only half a year of grain.

巨犰狳|"With your performance in the western regions, lyu3 bu4 will at least give you a miscellaneous general status, why go? Here is not good?" Pang tong puzzled look at zhaoyun, but see zhaoyun also a face of doubt toward him: "why? I have something on my face?"Ma'am?"Kirby can!" Lyu3 bu4 camp, lyu3 bu4 will all write the names of the five tribes on paper, finally, a coagulation of eyes, in the name of Kirby can, ticked a circle.

Xu Ping, A nephew of xu togeher, In a place like Yecheng, Really is just a trivial little man, but because he is xu togeher nephew, and is xu togeher recommended into the army, although the official position is not high, just a military sima, but in the hands of the real power, lombardi army, xu ping responsible for the transfer of hay, later review with lombardi sent back to supervise hay, then in review with his staff.Chapter IX Slave SiegeLittle maidservant hit a shiver, obedient way: "Yes."巨犰狳|





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