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铁手无语|防尘网价格A tarpaulin camp will be divided into two inside and outside, when lyu3 bu4 into the inside, is seen on the couch, a woman tied to the couch.Seibel and xu sheng looked at each other, can see each other's eyes, immediately loudly way: "please!"Longxian, county government, Korea hence high sitting on the throne, frown at the information sent in the hand.

"Master wise, but these rumors if put aside, even if a few generals have no anti-heart, I'm afraid the soldiers under his heart also inevitably have his meaning." Giffin smiled and nodded.Cao Peng nodded should be, but in the heart is not satisfied with both mouth, hum two times, no longer speak.Lyu3 bu4 stride into the hall, but see giffin and a middle-aged man is happy, see lyu3 bu4 came in, giffin hurriedly stood up and smiled at the middle-aged man introduced: "brother yang, I come to introduce you, this is my master, big fellow levy west general, wen hou lyu3 bu4."铁手无语|"Yiyang Wei Yan!" Wei Yen will knife down to the ground, eyes show excitement, this is the first time he reported himself in this formal battlefield, it is difficult to hide the excitement in his heart.

铁手无语|"Master, retreat!" Marotta bitter smile, bow to lyu3 bu4, if only with all the way, even three times the difference in force, with lyu3 bu4 ability, decisive battle, will not lose, but if the huns also get involved, has exceeded their range."But our opponent is not Korea hence, also is not marten, but cao cao, is lombardi!" Lyu3 bu4 sink a track: "Compare these two big governors, we already lag behind, can't waste more time on these two people!"A gift?

Giffin heart a move, looked at Yang Wangdao: "Brother Yang, before Xu went up the mountain, see the warriors in the family are injured, I do not know why?""Who hijacked the camp?" Burn when Lao Wang Shengsheng hit a thrill, a drunken thoroughly awake, a hold a QinWei, anger drink a question.The shield at the gates of the subconsciously raised the shield in their hands.铁手无语|




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