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古今船长的故事新闻糖仁福贴Gaoling, zhang liao handsome account.Looking at CAI wenji, lyu3 bu4 heart a move, smiled and said: "is CAI everyone, you and I yesterday so wrong, also calculate some fate, I don't know zhao ji can be willing to do the general's woman?"If not, that can only use butcher's knife to force them to agree! Lyu3 bu4 eyes flashed a cold kill, related to the west cool and even the whole situation in guanzhong, moon people must promise!

Prairie wolf?"Send troops, forty thousand troops sent someone else to inform marotta, let d led ten thousand elite, fifty thousand elite to wuwei, and we meet, Korea hence although there are hundreds of people, but a county, can't afford so many people, Korea hence as long as not stupid, will seek to our decisive battle, but the decisive battle, can't be chosen by him.""Master, this person named Yang Qiu, is Korea hence under the maestro." Xu rong came forward, bow to lyu3 bu4 way.古今船长的故事新闻"Jia has a plan to show my sincerity without ruin that strength of our army," laughed the countrys gaze.

古今船长的故事新闻"Alas ~" looked at d, marten also can only sigh, and charged pound more help d."Then I 'll give you a ride!" Wei Yanleng hum 1, although cao peng offensive more fierce, but wei yan has found that the rhythm of the other party has been disrupted, the moment again rise up, and cao peng war together.Lyu3 bu4 re-turned the horse, came to twenty chapters away from the huns, quietly stopped, now santa has gathered the last soldiers.

Lyu3 bu4 sighed, male broad sea was he stayed in changan, waiting for Chen Gong dispatch, hand can use generals are sent out, otherwise won't let the foolish goods to yourself when lieutenant."Yes."Two people smell speech can't help frowning, this time to bing, to put it bluntly just look at lyu3 bu4, but no war, watching the central plains war, but he stayed behind to see lyu3 bu4, calculate up, some not very cost-effective, smell speech all no longer make a sound.古今船长的故事新闻





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