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0773交友网|孵化器价格"Why not? I'm a general xianbei king's court, you're just a warrior under a tribal leader, dare to run to the king's court, you are too arrogant today!" Step root cold channel.This is conference semifinals habitual method of warfare, especially with lyu3 bu4 improved strong bow, range, four thousand people around the city to run, a sharp arrow to break the air, guarding the soldiers want to fight back, but the other side a touch away, can't find the enemy's shadow.These things, also ginger xu after leaving the office, just think of.

Two people twist a head at the same time, but see lyu3 bu4 is riding a horse slowly back away."The Temuzhen warrior speaks loudly." Kui shook his head, his eyes flashing with sorrow: "Step to the root of the matter, you must have known."Xu togeher shook his head, did not answer, but looked at cao cao way: "I have proposed, let lombardi qingqi surprise attack xuchang, head and tail."0773交友网|A words, said before the good, but later, heard Jiang Xu some chills, this is the first time someone will corruption rose to the height of treason.

0773交友网|"Shut up!" With a cold face, the judge said, "Drag this man down and make an example of him by beheading him."

"Don't mess around!" Kifu Goyang tried to calm down the tribes, Just day struggle for a day, and overnight, the spirit of the soldiers has reached a very fragile point, suddenly encountered an ambush at the moment, the fragile nerves and night it is difficult to see the handsome flag, in lyu3 bu4 under the constant disturbance, not only did not calm down because of the efforts of begging fu goyang, but more chaos.At that same time, YingChuan direction, There was also a team gallop toward the tiger fastened shut, It is cao cao cronies general coss, Knowing that lyu3 bu4 soldiers Kou Yanmen news, Cao cao knew he and lyu3 bu4 again between the opportunity to meet, jizhou direction he is not worried about, lyu3 bu4 eventually limited forces, after conquering bing bing, it is difficult to have extra military forces to infiltrate into jizhou, but luoyang position at this time between lyu3 bu4 and cao cao and even lombardi, is very important.Beyond the tribe, Stephen, looking at the weeping tribe from a distance, frowned and said, "Temuzhen hasn't come back yet?"0773交友网|




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