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p2p门户网站富国家具Kuai yue thought silently in the heart, but the idea also just want to think, this is not too realistic, mo said to break through the letter valley pass, single is in front of a gao shun, called jingzhou wenwu helpless, even dare not out of the camp to meet the enemy.Zhang fei spear method seems strong, but with a sharp, d smell speech, looked up the red, but can't open retorted, all depends on the breath hold do not come loose at the moment, he can support, once open, this tone melted away, and that the strength becomes, at once see life and death, zhang fei was saw he was already a spent force, just speak phase excitation, laid hands on him is a malicious like a move, make up my mind in the heart, tonight will be lyu3 bu4 under this general die here!"Haha, in puyang, your master failed to defeat me. Today, I will teach you a lesson!" More xi laugh 1, trident square day halberd is cut repeatedly belt thorn, follow majestic sea battle in one place.

"Sir, cao is new to the capital and is not firm enough. Why not take the opportunity to attack by surprise?" Li ru offered advice to lu bu.Chapter 78 survivalAt this point, two elite hedge once again.p2p门户网站"Oh?" Liu bei took the letter and read it at a glance. His complexion became serious and he turned to look at the crowd and said, "jiangdong sun quan took advantage of the fact that my army was on the march and attacked jiangxia while it was empty. General huang zu was killed in battle.

p2p门户网站"Whoever comes, this is... < / p > < p > outside the house, two guards see huang zhong go and return, but also with a gang of troops came in a threatening manner, complexion can not help but change, while loudly stop, remind the army in the house alert, but the words did not finish, two cold arrow directly shot through the throat of two guards.< / p > < p > on the other side, han rong returned to camp, is the grand reception by yuan xi, although early know this old formidable, but after all, the old hebei four court column in the past, do not need the veteran horse, now jizhou crisis, the old hand, will be lu bu's generals to suppress, when really unexpected joy."Hum!" When lv bu saw xu zhu rushing to him, he raised his head and raised his spear, and then the black cloud top fell down.

< / p > < p > liu bei three brothers heard silent, regardless of character, but they are the most contact with lu bu, very clear lu bu's ability, the election will not mention, but above the use of force, if not for the original Chen deng son, cao cao may not be able to take xuzhou, puyang, cao cao was almost destroyed by lu bu."Lord, it's all over. We can turn back." Keats came to lv bu side, soft voice way.The horse all hurriedly kneel down to the ground, bow body kowtow way: "see Lord gong."p2p门户网站




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