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热鸟网|迅达电梯报价"Zhou yu is dead?" In luoyang, lv bu's study, when lv bu got the report of jingzhou battle, it had been a day since zhou yu crossed the river, so the nightingale sent over the incident of zhou yu's death and detailed information."Does the general mean there are fine works in the army?" Ford's face changed and he frowned at Chen.On the land, such a situation would not have been possible. Even if he could not fight, Chen had numerous means to break through the encirclement. However, at the moment, even though he was even more numerous than the other side in terms of the number of people and ships, he could only watch his troops being divided up in front of his eyes.

Continuous thrust, Chen to the surrounding this moment a piece of red river is fading, hold the hand gun er is fixedly holding, feel the whole body residual strength loss, like the tide to the sudden thunder sound, Chen in the jiangdong soldiers astonished eyes, the living will be put into both ends, DengYuan binocular, the pupil losing focus...Liu zhang's eyes complex look at the liu d 'rend a glance, and look at the two, the truth of the matter has been clear, but sighed, shook his head: "this matter is also to blame me, if not for my months of not director, more wrong trust adulterer, also not let the adulterer get"Brother, truce?" Guan yu looked at liu bei in surprise.热鸟网|Pang tong to originally, is want to see liu DHS possible, after all, as a key point of this plan, if you can persuade him to revolt, good nature, but now, liu DHS although a fortune by the guanzhong seaman, but will clearly lyu3 bu4 silly as a lot of money of that kind of, in this case, the army will not be able to let liu DHS to tube, liu DHS is the most important role, is stirring the hatred, doubling the vendor zhang ren the die-hard pie. This, he did well, now that don't want to

热鸟网|Guan yu stepped back a little and took up his position with his own school knife, keeping the barbarians at bay. In terms of battle coordination, the jingzhou army might not be as well trained as the troops of guanzhong, but it was several times stronger than the barbarians in the western regions.Chapter 95 trial and crossThe rain is still under, the expected jiangdong soldiers and horses did not appear, until the clouds in the sky gradually fade away, ford relief at the same time, there is also a kind of unspoken loss, which represents this kind of fear, walking a tightrope general day will continue.

Although jingzhou had spies in shu, they were obviously not capable enough. Those spies paid more attention to the movement of troops and horses in guanzhong. As for the internal affairs in shu, they did not pay much attention."But it is." Little Joe shook his head, aggrieved."Can't return!" Zhuge liang bitter shook his head, a map, pointing to the position of jingzhou's way: "originally lyu3 bu4 to jingzhou fight, our army only a few 'gates in nanyang defence, it can be lyu3 bu4 blocking, but since pang tong breached hanzhong, lyu3 bu4 soldier front, can the commonplace in and on both sides of bullying in nanyang, once occupied by a lu bu shu, can from the lyu3 bu4 yiling Yangtze river, hitting jingzhou hinterland, plus now zhuge's eyeing up for our army, jingzhou will be under siege of!"热鸟网|




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