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李汪阳代办消防Only then cao cao sealed off the pass, in part because to catch separate, recover secret imperial edict, the other part, is because of following the assassination of the game throughout the central plains, in order to pay those lyu3 bu4 assassin around the buried in the central plains, in all these days, really a hard time, separate hide, all the way out of the house with her dying death, fled, until now, only oneself alone, disguised as a beggar refugees, even all the way to the brink of jingzhou, but stuck on the side, because at that time, cao cao on the border of the pedestrians check is very strict, separate."There's a match left!" Huang zhong sneered and looked at sun yi: "if you can take my knife, you will win!""Then why... "Zhou an puzzled look at zhou yu, before zhou yu said to lv meng, feeling that it is in the account of the future.

In particular, zhang song was a man of five short stature and his appearance matched that of pang tong. Mo said that even his elder brother zhang su did not pay much attention to him.Cao cao smiled and nodded, and some regret, dian wei, xu chu, the xi succession fell, his side, while leading a lot, but like guan yu, huang zhong this leading top but I can't find it, but liu bei this guy good life, with leading such first picked up guan yu, zhang fei, now have veteran huang zhong this defected, sheet is in Athens, cao cao now than liu bei, even the thought of this, for lu bu is boundless, resentment of his leading action, the vast majority of relationship with lyu3 bu4 to take, especially embroidered lyu3 bu4, zhang dian wei the bill also must be written in the lu bu head."Shubi, do not underestimate the world's heroes, if liu bei is so unbearable, how can he and lv bu, cao cao attention? Besides, although he had just won jingzhou, the troops of nanyang under his command did not mention that the troops of jiang xia alone stopped zhou yu in jiang xia, and he could not enter at all. At this time, liu bei personally led his troops to go on a war march. Sun jing shook her head and said solemnly.李汪阳"Lord, if this goes on, sooner or later they will open the gate and the moat will not stop these beasts!" Pound frowned.

李汪阳In fact, he was not very old, about thirty, but he always looked a little gloomy and uncomfortable."Kill!" Five hundred elite soldiers were killed from civilian houses, while shooting arrows, and quickly pursued the separated jingzhou army."Then why... "Zhou an puzzled look at zhou yu, before zhou yu said to lv meng, feeling that it is in the account of the future.

'not impossible, but certain! Zhuge liang was resolute.This request is not excessive, and shi jia in the great battle, basically belongs to play soy sauce all the way, cao cao did not refuse, at the moment kind words to appease a time, let people with lime soldiers one body disposal, not rotting along the way, and ordered people sent enough food to them, only to send these people away.Is long pedigree, but separate from urinate practicing martial arts, not in Athens, but neglect a dozen strong man, also won't close, but in the face of this group of women, separate proud martial art in front of the other party didn't have any effect, had he not look wrong, and this help women seem to want to capture him, let he annul, otherwise, at the moment, he was an icy bodies.李汪阳





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