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天龙八部之大宋宁王|库存松紧带"At the end of the day!" Night owl camp figure appeared around, qi qi qi to Addis hand.This kind of thing, it sounds very tall, but look at the past and present, the real history of a few people? At least zhang gu don't think it's a wise choice to fight to the death right now, it's better to leave a useful body, when lombardi army back to the army in the future, hold high the banner of righteousness.Northwest Trading Tiger, Naturally refers to lyu3 bu4, In any case, Lyu3 bu4 now named wolf ju xu, has gained great fame in the north, Even don't like, appellation, also can't be as brazen as before, xin evaluation is not really for xu togeher, just now, xin evaluation worried about xu togeher anger urgent, cast cao cao, as one of lombardi's four counselors, xu togeher ability not to mention, just master Yuan Shaojun intelligence secrets, once leaked out, the consequences are unimaginable.

Since Xu Rong led the army into the Western Regions, in the Western Regions, The Han family's power soared, Add north palace from, Addis and zhaoyun three general assistance, under the dispatch of cioffi, even the thirteen cities in recent days, plus Addis lay before the six cities, has taken a small part of the western regions, at the same time, xianbei people's forces also began to fight back, as for the intelligence has not come, but giffin forecast, the standoff will last for a period of time."Good advice, that..." Lyu3 bu4 pulled a woman into his arms: "I will wait for your good news.""We are not here to choose a master." Lyu3 bu4 turned a white eye, sneer at a way: "On the contrary, it is because of his character, just make so big xiongnu king's court, besides step degree root, unexpectedly have no usable will! Soon, he will use me."天龙八部之大宋宁王|"Eldest brother, I think we should let temuzhen led the troops, he came to the king's court for a period of time, it is time to hit. Step root to Kui Tou, sink a track.

天龙八部之大宋宁王|When the crowd saw that he was calm and calm, they were somewhat surprised and uncertain. The little school looked at only a few people, and immediately nodded, "Please follow me, sir."Kim Lien-chuan, Daxi tribe, different from the middle east two xianbei complex, in the western xianbei, daxi tribe has absolute right to speak, occupy the soil and water fertile jinlianchuan, the ministry is as many as hundreds of people, its small and medium-sized tribes, as many as hundreds, unified under the command of the daxi tribe, as long as the patriarch, can quickly assemble two hundred thousand troops.It seems to have to consult with the people as soon as possible, to avoid rashly against lyu3 bu4 decrees.

"In the best of circumstances, unexpectedly also lost so nimbly." Scanned the horses galloping ride array, lyu3 bu4 shook his head and smiled, the facts once again proved that a will be incapable of exhausting the armed forces is a truth."Whew ~"Kirby can faintly become the head of the five major tribes, is because he in battle with step root, almost insight step root every step of the plan, even easily found step root of the main camp, in addition to xianbei khan, it is hard to imagine who can know step root every move.天龙八部之大宋宁王|




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